Kylie Jenner Drastically Changes Her Face for All the Wrong Reasons (PHOTOS)

kylie jennerSometimes, it's hard not to feel a little bad for Kylie Jenner. She's the youngest of six and all of her older sisters have, well, stuff going on -- including the one whom she's closest with, Kendall, who has a bona fide modeling career right now. Seems like Kylie looks a little lost sometimes. And her Instagram feed, which is rife with selfies, doesn't do much to help the case.

Recently, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted two back-to-back photos: One of Angelina Jolie in her younger days, along with the caption, "Everything"; and another of herself, looking, well, kinda similar to Jolie. After looking at the photos, it's difficult not to get the strange feeling that Kylie, who, let's be honest here, has altered her appearance recently, may be trying to look like someone else.

Why, Kylie, why? You were always so cute!

Here are the two photos Kylie posted to her Instagram of Jolie and herself. Seem a little similar, no?

And here's an old photo of Kylie. Sure, she was younger, but she looks so different.

kylie jenner

Of course, we all change the older we get, but, um, usually our lips don't, you know, grow.

Hopefully, Kylie isn't trying to become a completely different person. Our teens are certainly a time to experiment with our appearances, but Kylie shouldn't want to become someone else. She looks great as is. And let's also hope that if she "has had plastic surgery," she stops now.

Do you think Kylie's had work done?


Images via Kylie Jenner/Instagram; London Ent/Splash News



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Nicol... NicoleMaria143

I think she looks beautiful still I can't believe the difference, but she does still look beautiful. Hopefully she does stop because shes flawless like her sister's! And she has such an innocence about her she's still so young and has a lot of connections through family, I'm sure she'll also be a star ♡

nonmember avatar Margaret Frost

She is a beautiful young lady stay the way you ARE!!!!

nonmember avatar Bloo

I think she's just puckering her lips..... But who cares what she's doing

Dauria Rosk

Kylie, whether you've had plastic surgery or not, you're PERFECT. Don't do another thing. You can't fix perfection, SERIOUSLY.

Becky L Hunter

I like her fuller lips, I would get fuller lips if I could afford it.

Dawn Dealmeida

Yes Kylie's had work done.. I just believe her mom allows it.. What if she changes her mind and then it's 2 late.. She should wait till she's 18 2 make any changes plastic surgery wise.. She's beautiful but if she's done anything and I think ya she needs 2 stop now

nonmember avatar Nicole

I don't think she's had work done except for possibly her lips, but she might just be puckering them. I just think she has been having her make up done like Kim's lately, you know, the like 15 lbs of highlighting and shading to accentuate certain aspects, and she changed the shape of her eyebrows. The way you do your makeup can completely change the way you look, especially when you've got a team of professionals teaching you.

Alyssa Dyson

It's just makeup. She overdraws her lips. Notice how they only look big when shes wearing the overdrawn lipliner? No biggie.

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