'Bachelorette' Finale Spoilers Might Be Wrong -- Who Does Andi REALLY Pick?


Andi Dorfman

Sigh. For weeks now, there have been plenty of Bachelorette spoilers floating around revealing who Andi Dorfman chooses at the final rose ceremony. It's not like any of us are going to be all that surprised when a certain one of the remaining dudes gets down on one knee.

As much as we try and keep the show a mystery each season, good old Reality Steve always has a way of ruining the fun and letting us know who wins well in advance. But it looks as though there's a chance he may have fallen into a bit of a trap as far as predicting Andi's final man goes.


Ok, so as far as we know, Josh Murray proposes to Andi in the end, leaving Nick Viall heartbroken and crying into his beer. (Or whatever.)

And Reality Steve appeared to have indisputable evidence of Andi's final pick, after videos of Nick talking on his cellphone while sitting on a plane surfaced. In one clip, he bashes Josh up and down, saying he's all sorts of wrong for Andi. And in the other, he indicates that he's not the man Andi chooses, hence the whole "I hate Josh ..." thing.

And lo and behold, someone just happened to be sitting behind him listening to this conversation. She filmed the whole thing and then sent it straight to Reality Steve.

Here are the videos, which are kind of tough to hear.

While this could be a definite sign that Andi winds up with Josh, there is also speculation that Nick was talking about the outcome of the show on purpose in an effort to throw people off into thinking Andi and Josh are engaged.

What if Nick somehow managed to beat Reality Steve at his own game, and he is the one who puts a ring on Andi's finger at the end?

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Nine times out of ten, Steve hits the nail right on the head with the Bachelor/Bachelorette ending. But he has been wrong a couple times in the past, so there's always the chance that he made a mistake this time around too.

OMG. There's nothing more satisfying than a huge twist at the end of the show that makes our jaws drop so it's exciting and interesting again. Fingers crossed, people.

Do you think Andi winds up with Josh or Nick?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Debra Roller

Josh is still the better man..... Hide and Watch... Nick is just a skuzzz ball...  hate him...

Amanda Huey

Im hoping she chooses josh! Nick seem to cocky and uptight for andi!

count... countrygirl48

Josh i hope Nick is to cocky and he asks like she is a prize that he is trying to win Josh is a man and he truly loves Andi he is ready for marriage and i real thank Josh is her man 

nonmember avatar NOT nick

Josh josh josh nick is gross arrogant cocky and completely there for the wrong reasons!!

nonmember avatar Lyn

Letting Chris go was a big mistake.....so she better of picked Josh.....that will leave Chris for the next bachelor...which is more than perfectly fine!!!

nonmember avatar karen

Josh hes the better one, i dont like nicks spirit. Too cocky stuck on his self,he just knows Andi is picking him. JOSH JOSH JOSH PLZ! He would be the right fit for Andi.

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