'Ladies of London' Finale Recap: Caprice Finally Gets Exactly What She Deserves

Ladies of LondonOn the finale of Ladies of London tonight, nothing could have worked out more perfectly. Caprice Bourret got exactly what she wanted: Two healthy babies and the hell away from Caroline Stanbury. It was the most satisfying conclusion to the beef that had been brewing all season long. That said, I wish the final confrontation between Caroline and Caprice had been a little less, well, British.

In America, if you are on a reality T.V. show and you demand that someone leave your house, it doesn't end a fight. Exhibit this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather Dubrow banishing Shannon Beador from her stoop didn't end their feud, it inflamed it. That wasn't the case here. Caroline said that if Caprice insisted on calling her a bully in her own home, she could leave. Caprice left ... and that was it. Things were fine! Caprice lost the battle, the friendship is over, and everyone moved on. 

This is why well-mannered people are so boring to watch on television. In America, the fact that Caroline asked Caprice to leave her home could have served as fodder for easily four more episodes of the show. But rather than bludgeon that poor, rotting horse, the show ended. It didn't paint a picture of Caprice sad and alone, it let her have some happiness with her new little family.

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For all of Caprice's happiness, I don't envy her. I did envy all of the women she chose to spurn rather than play second fiddle to. Caroline and her posse of mostly-American friends shaking their booties at Polo while drinking champagne and pointing at Prince Charles? That is infinitely more fun than squawking at your maid about packing -- I'm looking at you, Caprice! I'm sorry to see the show go. I wanted more, more, more! Fingers crossed for a second season. 

Do you think Caprice got what she deserved?


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nonmember avatar Mimi

Caprice is annoying. If I had to hear the word hormonal one more time, I would have lost it. She acted like no other woman ever carried a child before. I am happy for her two new blessings but I thought she treated Caroline very badly and it all stemmed from Caprice feeling that Caroline should have spoke up at the 4th of July celebration in the argument between Juliet and Annabelle. I thought Caroline was the victim in the feud and telling Caprice to don't let the door hit her was justified. Also annoying is Noelle. Love the rest of the cast and the show.

nonmember avatar me.me.me

Omgosh! !!!! I cannot stand Caprice. .... How dare anyone thinks it's not about CAPRICE? ?? I agree with Mimi totally. If I can flip the channel when she starts talking and not miss anyone else, I would. Haha. ..Annabelle didn't side with her. That was fun to watch. Noelle, plainly; a wanna be. Juliet can tone it down a few notches and kiss Caroline ass a little less. Love Caroline and her proper bitchiness....lol..Marissa is sweet but can put a person in their place if needed. I like seeing Annabelle ' s humble and more vulnerable side. By the way...Caprice ' s voice makes me gag! Thoroughly enjoyed the show. .. there's my two cent.

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