'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Judge Has Officially Lost Her Mind

Real Housewives of Orange County This week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was intense. Oh sure, it kind of always is what with all the drama constantly brewing betwixt the ladies. But this week the devil came home to roost, which is a fancy and rhetorically lazy of saying that Tamra Judge finally got what was coming to her. Her son Ryan announced that he was moving away and getting married and she about lost her mind. 

Seriously, it was a little creepy. While I am all for Tamra finally feeling the pangs of misery and unhappiness that she has caused others to endure (not even hyperbole, y'all), I could have done without her creepy insistence that her son was choosing to marry a woman who was "just like her." Guess what? Blond hair and a job do not make you Tamra's double. I say this as ... a blond with a job. You kind of can't blame Ryan for wanting to get the eff out of town. 

It should have been a sweet and happy moment for Ryan and his new fiance. They tap danced around the truth but eventually admitted it: They were getting married. At first I couldn't understand why they were being so cagey, but then they broke the news and Tamra's head basically exploded, so I understood their reticence. I could get her being overcome with tears of joy, but having to leave the room and then wail to her husband that she "couldn't take any more sadness this week" was the behavior of a person who is so egocentric that it is frankly wondrous to behold.

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Admittedly, Tamra's been going through some custody issues with her ex, but don't project the stress of that situation onto a happy one. If her children mean that much to her, you'd think she'd be able to check her ego at the door for five minutes to clink glasses and wish Ryan all the best in this exciting new chapter. But Tamra couldn't do it! It was totally frustrating and beyond eye-roll-worthy.

What's the craziest reaction to news of someone getting married you've ever seen?


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nonmember avatar Lisa

I hope this comment makes it to this years reunion. I totally feel for Shannon! Heather and Tamra were awful to her this season! Give it up Heather she did not yell at you at her home. Telling someone's business to a table of people is clearly spreading gossip. You can spin it and say it was to stop people from talking about Shannon, but it is what it is! Tamra had no business telling Heather anyway. Classy how she (Tamra) rides the fence! Comforting Shannon to her face and saying she's having a psychotic break down to Heather. Heather should be off the show her storyline is boring! Tamra should go too boring!!! Love Vickie,Shannon and Lizzie!

nonmember avatar Mommy

I agree Heather made situation worse by gossiping to a group of women that no one even knows. How would she like it if Shannon spread rumors about heathers husband? I believe and it's only obvious Tamara is being the troublemaker this season on purpose because on Watch What Happens with Andy a guest caller called in and asked about her behavior and she said ... It brings RATINGS!!!! It's true a lot of this is script and Tamara would love to be another paycheck NeNe but the way she does it it's so white trailer trash. I wouldn't doubt it if Tamara loses custody of her kids for the way she portrays herself on tv. It doesn't matter if it's script or not - it's damaging to the kids and the state always sides the best interest of the children. She drinks to much and relies heavily on alcohol when she's having a bad week. Courts could view that as a binge drinker with a problem. Heather is another one who would prob sense when she will be let go but instead turn in her resignation to Bravo to save herself from embarrassment. Her n her hubby Terry seem to be a bit intimidated that a family is on the show that lives close to them.

nonmember avatar Jessica

I couldn't help but notice how Tamara didnt shed a single tear during her whole "meltdown". I think it was fake. She even admitted last week on WWHL that she does a lot of things for the ratings, and I think this was just yet another ploy to get attention. My God, she bugs the hell out me like no other.

nonmember avatar Angie

I was thinking the same thing about Tamra, and Vicki come to think of it when Briana was moving--This isn't about you. It's about your child. Be happy for them, grieve later in private. Say I'll miss you, but support you! Geesh. I think Bravo set Heather up this season to be the Villain but all of this comes from Tamra. She set two lovely, smart, controlled women in a hotbed of gossip and lies and watched them short circuit. I don't get why everyone is angry at Heather for talking about Shannon. She didn't betray her. Tamra did. I talk to my friends about situations and let it hang out with them. It really was Tamra's responsibility to keep that private. Then again, they are on reality tv, and Shannon did that on camera; whereas Heather's conversation was private and among her support people. What sucks is Heather's obsession with Shannon's voice raising and her inability to listen to Shannon. I see both sides. If Tamra would just butt the hell out, they might get somewhere.

nonmember avatar shell

Let's all call it like it is... Tamra starts all the crap.. She is so desperate... Bring back all the normal people she ran off the show, starting with Gretchen... Tamra is so fake and two-faced.

Jean Hayes

I was so mad at Vicki (who I Like) when she told Brooks at Lizzie's dinner party that Tamara had also told her that the Dubrow's wanted to take Shannon and David down. Can you people just stick up for the truth? That Tamara is such an evil liar and has been proven when she told Shannon she did not tell Heather about the troubling e-mail David has sent her then finally had to admit that she did, and that creepy self absorbed Heather doesn't believe she is capable of lying....it has been proven.

nonmember avatar sandy

I've never seen a crazy reaction to wedding news, because sane, polite people know that the only response is joy, even if you have to fake it. Speaking of fake: Could Tamra have worked any harder to get some tears and sobs going? That scene was appalling in so many ways, not the least of which was Tamra's mother echoing her daughter's every whiny, self-centered plea. Terrible...

nonmember avatar anpistilli

can we say too much plastic surgery, not only did she not shed a tear, her face was stuck in the same position with her mouth open. She is nasty.

nonmember avatar Melissa Cupp

That was the worst FAKE bunch of BS I have ever seen. They should throw her off the show just for that scene alone. She was nor shredding one tear she was totally playing the camera. I just thought I didn't like Tamera until I saw that show. She truly puts the show in the gutter!! I will probably go for a walk the next time OC comes on.

Kimberly Wilson

She is bat shit crazy. Hopefully her ex will get full custody of the kids.

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