Ex-Destiny's Child Member's Arrest Almost As Embarrassing As Her Mugshot (PHOTO)

destiny's childWhile Beyonce has found superstardom after being launched by the girl group Destiny's Child, the other members certainly can't say the same. Now former bandmate Farrah Franklin is making headlines after being arrested for disorderly conduct -- and just as embarrassing as her arrest is that terrible mugshot. Take a look.

Police say that Franklin was taken into custody at 5 a.m. on July 20 in South Carolina. The exact actions that led up to the arrest are unclear, but authorities do say that alcohol was involved.

farrah franklin

This isn't her first brush with the law. TMZ reports she was arrested for the same thing in 2011 -- and alcohol was apparently involved then too.

You may recall that Franklin was with the band for just five months before falling out with the other girls and leaving. Since that time, the singer has had very little success ... and certainly nowhere near the level of fame of Beyonce. In fact, that is the story with most former Destiny's Child members. They certainly have all tried. Kelly Rowland, the next most successful, has had a couple hits. Then Michelle Williams was able to carve out a middling gospel and stage career for herself. But the others, including Franklin, have faltered.

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Original DC members LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett have pretty much faded into obscurity. In fact, they once sued the group's manager (Beyonce's dad) Matthew Knowles and the band for "breach of partnership." They later dropped the suit, but the message was clear -- they felt that the band was all about Bey and that they were treated unfairly.

Are you surprised the other Destiny's Child alums aren't as successful as Beyonce?


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Were The Supremes as popular as Diana?


I was expecting much worse! Her eye makeup looks pretty good.

nonmember avatar Monty Rhoshad

your statement bout the forner memebers letoya luckett and latavia are not true they all are on hit tv shows. and letoya has 3 movies she shootin and she also has a album coming

luvmy... luvmybubs

Letoya is a two time grammy winner I wouldn't say she hasn't made her own way.

Jeana... JeanaJaybird

.. what is so embarrassing about her mugshot? A lot of people would be happy for theirs to look that good Lol

nonmember avatar jamie

who writes for this blog needs to be fired letoya and latavia hsave not faded away but are very successful and kellys not second letoya is with a platium album and many movies under her belt

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