Charlie Hunnam's Obsession With Christian Grey Is Totally Hot

Charlie HunnamEvery fan of Fifty Shades of Grey has dreamed, fantasized, and thought almost continually about Christian Grey. And the guy who almost played him in the movie is no different. When Sons of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam was announced as the lucky boy who would get to bring the kinky character to life, fans were divided. Some thought his edginess was the perfect ingredient for Mr. Grey. Others thought he lacked the smoothness and looks, and it was a horrible idea.

When he dropped out, it was rumored he was fired because of fan reaction -- or because he got scared of the role. But Charlie has begun talking more about what happened. And it's becoming clear that far from having a change of heart -- Charlie is still totally obsessed with Christian!


The actor, who spoke at a Television Critics Association event for Fox recently, confessed that it was "pretty heartbreaking" that he had to give up the role. He said:

I was just really, really invested and wanted to work with [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson] and play that character.

He says he is still "really, really curious" about how it will all turn out. You totally get the feeling Charlie will be first in line for the midnight showing.

Charlie explained that he was already committed to doing a film called Crimson Peak, plus he had his Sons schedule, and it all turned out to be too much for him. Still, you have to wonder how he couldn't have known this before he agreed to the role?

Anyway, the juiciest part here is that Charlie said he wouldn't be against his audition tape being on the movie's DVD as an extra -- ooooohhhh, yaaaasssss, let's make that happen, shall we? Then we can all talk about how much better/worse he would have been than Jamie Dornan.

Christian Charlie joked to US Weekly that Jamie was "probably a lot better looking and a lot smoother" than he is -- but that he would have brought a "certain rugged charm" to the role. Mmm. Me likey rugged. Though I think you have to admit that Jamie looks closer to what the character was supposed to look like.

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It's sort of sexy that Charlie is still so hung up on the role. He probably wakes up in a sweat, moaning, "Christian ... Christian ..." I love that the character got his hooks into Charlie so thoroughly, sounds like he really would have been an intense Christian.

A guy obsessed with Christian Grey ... so hot.

But, seriously, Charlie, we don't want you in therapy over this. Time to start to let go. Let gooooooo ...

Do you think he should have dropped out?


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