Why the New 'RHONJ' Husbands Are More Fun to Watch Than Their Wives (VIDEO)

Keeping Up With the Kardashians is more fun than The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In today's exclusive episode below, I cover episode 2, season 6 of RHONJ, part one of the Kardashians' Thailand trip, and episode 5 of Botched. Why should Joe Giudice be praying that the judge doesn't see this show prior to their sentencing? Why is Amber Marchese the new fall guy (gal?) and what's UP with Melissa Gorga's rental and Dina Manzo accusing the producers of twisting her words?

So far, we've got FOUR new cast members to learn about in New Jersey, and yes, we have to count Dina as a new cast member because although we know her, she doesn't know the other ladies. Next, I give you my take on newbies Amber as well as Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano and their families. Is New Jersey in danger of becoming like The Real Housewives of DC with a one-story season?

Next, I changed the channel and jumped over to E! where we have Kardashians in Thailand and Madonna impersonators ... a "fun" chaser to the New Jersey nightmare. Side note, I think that's the problem of Game of Crowns; it's not upbeat enough to follow RHONJ.

I give you my behind-the-scenes take on that Vogue magazine scene, how Kanye West is being integrated into the season, and WHY Rob and Kourtney Kardashian may have wanted to skip the trip. How Bruce Jenner is helping production out and how Brody got suckered into the funniest scene of the episode.

Finally, we get to see a really great Madonna impersonator show Dr. Terry Dubrow how to Vogue. Watch today's episode below right now for all the dish!

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Which new RHONJ star is your favorite?


Images via BravoTV.com and EOnline.com

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nonmember avatar Rfell

video not available

Alex McCord

@Rfell it's fixed now!

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Well, I see no video but I will say I was bored silly with the RHONJ. I got a kick out of the Kartrashians though. First, Kim boasting about her cover on Vogue to her family who just stared at her like she was a "dinosaur". Then, Khloe calling her out on all the selfies she took while in Thailand, where she never saw anything but herself looking into a camera. LOL Good girl Khloe!

nonmember avatar Rfell

Must be having problems - no video ... I just found your site and enjoy your commentary.

BonBo... BonBon503

I don't either Alex

youth... youthfulsoul

Two episodes in bored to death with the new cast of RHONJ

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Aw, no video!  Despite what others say, I ENJOY your videos, Alex.

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