Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Planning Wedding & Baby After 8 Months Together

charlize theron, sean pennAs far as Hollywood power couples go, Charlize Theron and Sean Penn are surely among the most impressive. Both are incredibly talented, in-demand Oscar winners. Having their name on a marquee is guaranteed a big box office draw. However, they aren't just keeping things casual. According to Us Weekly, the actors are already planning to get married and adopt a baby together.

A source close to the couple says they want to get hitched as soon as possible. And since Theron (who has an adopted 2-year-old) always intended to have another child, the pair want to adopt a child together.

Does this seem incredibly quick to anyone else? They just started dating eight months ago. Admittedly, they have known each other for a long time -- nearly 18 years. But still. What's the rush? Has the history of Hollywood marriages taught them nothing? Sadly, most are doomed. Even Penn's personal experience should provide some kind of warning. If he and Theron marry, this would be his third. (His first was with Madonna and he was most recently married to Robin Wright Penn.)

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For Charlize, however, this would be the first walk down the aisle. Though she was in a longtime relationship with actor Stuart Townsend for many years. Clearly they are not worried about the past and are laser focused on a future together. It seems that every aspect of their lives has been enmeshed lately. She will star in The Last Face, a film Penn is directing. And it will be shot in her native South Africa. And the source adds that Theron especially loves how Penn is a "strong role model" for her son Jackson. Let's just hope this relationship lasts.

Do you think Theron and Penn are rushing into things?


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Adina Koecke

Ugh, I love Charlize but I have to question her judgement on this.  Dude isn't even attractive, I really don't understand how he pulls these A list actresses!  He doesn't seem like he's funny, or has a stellar personality, I really don't get it!  Hasn't he been abusive to past partners before as well?  He just seems like a grade A douche canoe.  I hope it does last for the sake of any children they plan to adopt, but I seriously can't figure out what. These women see in this guy.  Gross!

Jacee... Jacee2348

^^My sentiments exactly @Adina^^

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