Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Go to CRAZY Lengths to Keep North Safe

kimyeOkay, so it may sound a little crazy to some at first, but when you think about it, is it? According to reports, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have hired a baby double for North. British magazine Grazia is claiming the celeb couple held auditions in Los Angeles for body doubles for both North and North's nanny in order to throw paparazzi off and keep their 13-month-old safe. They apparently found a tot who is a "spitting image" of their daughter and shelled out $500,000 to keep North out of the limelight as much as possible. 

It sounds a little elaborate and, dear god, incredibly expensive (like everything Kimye does), but A) can we really fault them for wanting to protect their daughter? And B) this isn't the first time a celeb couple went to such lengths to hide their little one from the constant flashing lights of photogs. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise reportedly hired a body double for Suri when she was younger, as well. Kim and Kanye certainly may not be the most well-liked couple in the world, but put yourself in their shoes: Would you want a massive group of photographers rushing your baby every time she left the house? (And would you want the entire world knowing what your baby was up to every minute of the day?)

It's doubtful that there ever will be a day when something Kim and Kanye decide to do goes uncriticized, but I'm siding with them on this one. With all the useless, ostentatious crap they spend money on, writing a check for half a million dollars to keep their child as safe as possible seems like a good thing.

That said, hopefully Kim will still post the occasional photo of her super cute daughter on Instagram. Don't take that little sweetie away from us altogether, guys.

Do you think Kim and Kanye were smart to spend their money like this?


Image via Sharpshooter Images/Splash



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nonmember avatar Popi

They really don't know where to spend they money.....

nonmember avatar Linda

So they spend half a million to keep their kid safe and put another baby at risk. Honestly I would never let my child do that. I don't care how much money they would pay. Not sure what good parent would be ok with their kid being a possible target for some crazy over obsessed fan.

caleb... calebsmama12312

I agree linda. Just leave your baby at home instead of leaving her at home & putting another child at risk.

Kelly Johana Cristancho Velandia

wuaw pues algo loco si no nos ponemos en los zapatos de ellos pero en realidad es muy sierto y si se trata de cuidar a mi hija y si tuviera todo ese dienro gstaria lo que fuera por protegerla y que su niñes sea como la de una niña normal

Nancy Callarman

So what they are doing is putting another baby in danger to protect their own.Thats so wrong.They are so made for each other cause they are both nuts.


nonmember avatar SUE


nonmember avatar kemi

Its their life

nonmember avatar lindsayo

Oh sure, let's put another innocent child in danger. If they don't want the limelight, then step out of it! The parents who took the money for this stunt should be investigated! Get over yourselves, Kimye!

Ruby Jones Buske

wow, so it's ok to risk somebodys elses child?

nonmember avatar Summer

So they hire a baby and put that child's life at risk with the paparazzi? These two really are a sick piece of work. And some of you actually think this is okay.

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