'Sister Wives' Recap: Tension Between 2 Wives Got Super Awkward

Sister WivesTonight's episode of Sister Wives had each and every member of the Brown family 'revealed.' At least that's what the title indicated. Instead of shocking truths and a lot of gasp-worthy moments, we get a series of home videos and baby photos screened on a mammoth white sheet in the backyard. The only real moment of truth happened so quickly, if you paused to go eat some watermelon or perhaps make use of the toilet, you missed it. That moment? When Meri Brown and Janelle Brown openly acknowledged that their relationship needs work.

You'd think that when it came to a man being married to three women, he'd be in the hot seat often. That doesn't seem to be the case with Kody Brown. While polygamy isn't my jam (the idea of my dude being married to other ladies is enough to make my fists involuntarily clench and also suddenly I am holding brass knuckles), Kody seems to have it on lock. His ladies are happy with him -- just not always with each other. Exhibit Meri and Janelle.  

The telling moment was hidden in the back-wind of a joke. The wives were good-naturedly badgering Kody to take them all on a cruise. Meri laughingly said that if Christine worked on their relationship together, she would take a cruise with her -- and Kody wasn't invited. Then Kody archly suggested that Meri and Janelle were the ones who needed work. That's when the entire temperature of the room changed. 

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When Meri made the first joke, it ended with her and Christine laughing and high-fiving each other. But when it came to Meri and Janelle, it became totally awkward. Nobody laughed (except maybe Kody's hair -- it's hard to say, it's so full of mystery and wonder) and Christine was visibly uncomfortable. While it's clear that this family plans on sticking together, it's not always easy for them. Not that staying in a relationship is really easy for anyone, right? This glimpse into just how tough things could really be was weirdly more fascinating than the sort of propaganda we usually see about the family living in a constant state of harmony.

Okay -- so what do we think Robyn's announcement will be?! She's got to be pregnant, right? Also, do you think Janelle and Meri will ever work through their issues?


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Roxan... Roxanne92

Meri and Janelle have had years to work out their differences,Meri wants things done her way so who knows they may be able to put their differences aside

Robyn must be pregnant her youngest is like 2-3 years old now and she did want more kids

nonmember avatar krystian

Never really liked Janelle.

Keri and Christine are my favorites, I wish they would go off and do their own thing.

I can't stand robin at all.

Kody, is so far up her ads and ignores every one else.

nonmember avatar dj j

Jenelle is the only intelligent woman of the group. Sbe is probably tired of working her ass off to support Meri's extravagant lifestyle. Why Meri gets the same amount of money to spend when she only has one child is ridiculous. The one who needs to fix this is KODY, but he doesn't.

Em Chappell-Root

Janelle is my favorite. She is no nonsense and practical, and if the one to point out the realities of the fiscal situation if they are really going to be a "family". Meri acts all nice, but in the season 4 episode where she was commenting that she "deserves" a big house as much as the other wives even though she doesn't have as many kids, she was also nasty towards Janelle about how she (Meri) "Takes care of (her) things" and wouldn't listen when Janelle pointed out that with six kids a greater amount of natural wear and tear takes place, and that if all the family's needs are priority over wants. As Janelle was the only wife who had a full time job prior to the move, she was the "work wife" that Kody shared financial talks and being in an a professional environment with.

I'm very sorry about Meri's secondary infertility, but I feel that it plays a large role in her hostility towards Janelle, and that wanting a huge house like the other wives when she doesn't' need one and things are tight is selfish on her part. Life and Marriage are not about "all is equal" it's about what is fair. Is it fair for all the wives and Kody to take on extra financial burden for Meri's "want" to match what for the other wives is a "need" ? It doesn't seem that way to me.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth

He has four wives..Not three.

nonmember avatar Merris fav

MERI'S my favorite sister wife! We would get along before any of the other ones. 2nd robin! the nicest selfless woman offering to be surrogate for meri had me in tears. she even put off having her own baby waiting for meri to decide..christine in off her rocker , but love her honesty! janelle...nothing...no personality.. everything is cody's fault. he should have built 1 house on a couple acres and live the way they first wanted. now it's just a guy sleeping with 4 women in front of all those poor children.. sad!

nonmember avatar me

I like Meri better than Janelle personality wise, but i think being the first and second wives have its troubles. I think their differences stem from the beginning. I remember Christine saying she always wanted to be third wife because by then the first and second have had to figure out how to share this man and its an eadier position to be in. I guess she had a valid point.

But i do think Meri is unreasonable eith her financial wants. She has one kid, who is now out of the house. Why she wants as much space as the other wives is mind boggling. And shes the one who couldnt stay in budget when purchasing add ons. Yes, your worth is not in your kids, but i would feel like getting a six room house to myself when my family is financially struggling would be irresponsible. She could have cut down a little.

nonmember avatar krystian

All of the wives could have had cut down. I seem to remember Janelle actually going over budget and robin as well.

It is about what is fair when it comes to being in plural, the reason meri, wanted a by house was because if y'all watched the show you'd know that a lot of the kids go over there and spend the night.

It is not meris fault the other wives have that many children.

None of them need 6/7 bedroom houses.....

nonmember avatar Jillian

DJ J. Part of the tenant of polygamy is that the husband must care for each wife in the same manner. Meaning that what he provides for one, he must provide for all. So if the buys a new van for Janelle because she has 7 kids, he has to buy a new car for Meri (and her one kid), Robyn and Christine. Meri isn't extravagant, she's merely expecting her husband to care for her in the same manner he cares for all his wives. I don't agree with polygamy for me, but if you're going to slam someone at least be aware of the very basic tenets of the religion.

abra819 abra819

I don't like any of them. So there.

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