'The Notebook' Star James Garner Dies at 86 (VIDEO)

Actor James Garner died at age 86 at his home in Los Angeles of natural causes. The star who played Ryan Gosling's character Noah as an older man in The Notebook had a long and celebrated career as both a comedic and dramatic actor. He was probably best known as the funny hero in the TV series Maverick, which played in the 1950s, as well as the good-looking leading man in movies such as The Rockford Files and Murphy's Romance.

Oscar-nominated Garner's resume is incredibly impressive, but many of us will remember him as the man Ryan was destined to become in our all-time favorite romantic film.

Garner was born in Oklahoma and got his start on stage. He received a Golden Globe for promising newcomer in 1958 and an Emmy nomination in 1959 for Maverick. In recent years, he starred on the TV series 8 Simple Rules with Kaley Cuoco, who tweeted, "I say this with a heavy broken heart.was an honor working beside u receiving ur bear hugs every day. [heart] u Grampa Jim." Garner also appeared in Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood with Sandra Bullock.

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But here's what we'll remember about Garner: he was the perfect husband in The Notebook -- the man all of us dream we'll grow old and die beside. He conveyed an incredible amount of emotion and, yet again, proved he had the acting chops to take on any role.

Here's one of the sweetest love scenes from The Notebook:

What's your favorite Duke/Noah moment from The Notebook?


Image via Armando Galla/Retna Ltd./Corbis

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The Rockford Files was a tv show and a good one, Not a movie. UGH! You people.

Seven... SeventiesChild

Loved him in Murphy's romance with Sally Fields.  LOVE him so much.


gogoh... gogohas2babies

RIP. One of the most touching actors of all time. I loved everything that I watched him in. Very relatable and convincing in his acting. So sad.

nonmember avatar kelsea

Rest in paradise you handsome man <3

Torra... TorranceMom

He was also a Veteran of the Korean War and a two time Purple Heart recipient.  Thank you for your service, Mr. Garner . . .

Water... Waterswaves

I met him once, when I was in high school, during the filming of the movie Tank. He was a nice man who had kind words for kids and posed for a pic with my younger brother. David had a broken arm at the time and Mr Garner made jokes about it. In 2006 David passed away. Meeting Mr Garner with him is one of the fond memories I have about my brother. He came out of his trailer and took the time to talk to a bunch of kids visitng the set. I will never forget that. RIP Mr Garner.

Mommy... MommyO2-6631

So sad. He was an amazing actor and will truly be missed. My favorite of his films has I be "The Ultimate Gift" with Drew Fuller. Truly inspirational.

nonmember avatar Tammie sadowski

This is my favorite movie and he will be missed and his loved ones will be in my prayers.

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