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Prince George's Official First Birthday Photo Is Officially the Cutest One Yet

prince georgeEven though Prince Harry said that his nephew Prince George resembled a young Winston Churchill, we still found the cuteness in it. It was Harry talking and he can almost do or say anything and we'd still find him charming. The same goes for Prince George who is about to turn 1 on July 22nd. Where did the time go? I bet his mum Kate Middleton and dad Prince William are saying the same thing.

In honor of the big celebration, the royal family has released Prince George's official first birthday photo and it's so adorable you may faint.

prince georgeIt's clear the royals love overalls for little George. We've seen him in red ones, and here he is in blue -- or shall we say royal blue. And he's walking! Look at those cheeks! Look at those cute little shoes! Look at that side parted hair!

The photo was taken when the family visited the "Sensational Butterflies" exhibition at the Natural History Museum earlier this month and it was the one selected for the little Prince's official first birthday photo. How sweet. 

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They will be having a party on his actual birthday. It was reported that it will most likely be a tea party at their home in Kensingston Palace with the family. More official photos are said to be released soon so we'll keep our eyes out for more Prince George cuteness.

What do you think of Prince George's official first birthday photo? How adorable is he?!?


Image via James Whatling/Splash News; Splash News



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Helen Willis

That hair needs some TLC Lol

nonmember avatar Jenn

Cathrine Windsor, why is it so hard for people to call her by her married name? She isn't Kate Middleton and hasn't been for some time.

Victoria Bardsley

Prince George is getting so handsome! It's amazing how one year flies by.

Jozemom Jozemom

Its the summer of George!!

nonmember avatar bob

"cutie" my ass, that kid is UGLY, he looks like a miserable, depressed pensioner!

LaniBee LaniBee

A year already?! Time fles. He's adorable! 

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