Scott Disick Is Finally Getting Help for His Drinking Problem But Is It Enough?

Scott DisickScott Disick has finally reached rock bottom and is getting help, say sources. We recently learned that Scott was checked into a hospital after partying so much he sustained alcohol poisoning. Sources say that incident scared him straight and he hasn't had a drink since. He is now reportedly seeking counseling with the family pastor as well as "finding his spiritual center." But what caused him to go off the deep end like that?

The source tells People magazine that Scott's hardcore drinking began after his parents died within three months of each other:

Obviously, his parents dying had a profound impact on him, and he has been grieving their loss. But don't make the mistake of assuming that his problems started then. They didn't. The losses of his parents amplified some issues that he already had. We all turn to self-medication when we're in pain, and that's what he has done.

There is no mention of Scott joining Alcoholics Anonymous or getting intensive rehab treatment, and I doubt a few counseling sessions with a pastor is going to cure things. Scott has been drinking for a long time and this is one habit you can't just shake off.

Supposedly he hasn't had one drink yet, which is great, but it's only been a month. I'm not trying to play Devil's Advocate here, I just think any alcoholic really needs to go all out to fight this demon, and it doesn't sound like what Scott is doing YET.

At least he does realize that alcohol poisonig is no joking matter, and it could only be a matter of time before he needs a new kidney if he keeps up this way. Or gets into a deadly car crash.

With baby number three on the way, and two kids already, and Kourtney, all of whom need him to be the best dad he can be, now is the time to grab this demon by the horns.

Do you think he's doing enough?


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luvmy... luvmybubs

Who are you to decide what kind of treatment he needs. Some people do have life changing experiences. Some preachers are trained in other areas than just the bible too so you have no idea what treatment he is receiving. Addiction issues are not the same for every person and there is no one answer to deal with it.

nonmember avatar Anon

I think he needs professional help. Having a mental issue and trading on bad decision that doesn't make sense for another bad decision that doesn't make sense (ahem religion) won't work. Find your moderation point and get some antidepressants, and a real counselor. You know, the ones that study science of the mind? The factual stuff. I know its just too much to handle by facing your failures and easier to hand off to Gawd for imaginary forgiveness.

nonmember avatar lacey

OK anon whatever. My minister has a masters degree in clinical psychology and helps any member of our church with the expertise he has. It's not always just religion that churches provide. And I think AA has christian principles.

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