Casey Kasem's Body Goes Missing As Bizarre Family Feud Continues

Casey KasemThe sad sad story of Casey Kasem's family feud leading up to and surrounding his death over a month ago continues. The legendary TV and radio star had been at the center of an ugly court battle between his children from his first marriage, and his second wife Jean Kasem.

It seemed like Kasem was finally going to be able to rest in peace, but now it's being reported that not only was an autopsy never performed -- his body has gone missing out of the morgue.

The number one body-snatching suspect at the moment is of course Jean, who reportedly kidnapped Kasem out of the hospice facility he had been in at the end of his life, and hid him at a friend's house in Oregon.

Family sources allege she "took the body from a funeral home the day before a judge ordered her to keep it there so an autopsy could be performed."

Le sigh. This poor widow is obviously not right in the head if the allegations are true. Maybe she's just really suffering from the grief of it all, but this sucks. I can see her reasoning for kidnapping her terminal husband out of hospice care when she was worried about her step-children pulling his feeding tube, but stealing a body is just bizarre.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the autopsy was ordered as part of an ongoing criminal investigation targeting Jean. According to reports, the Santa Monica PD is looking into elder abuse allegations after the "wild, week-long multi-state car ride which caused him to develop bed sores that got infected and contributed to his death."

Just speculation here, but I'm unconvinced it was the bedsores that did him in. They probably sucked, but the guy was really, really sick.

To add to the weirdness ... no one can find Jean either ... and she listed Jerusalem as her address on the death certificate. Casey's children believe she has left the country.

What a strange and sad story. I hope that Casey Kasem's entire family is able to come to terms with his death, and finally find some peace.

What do you think happened to Casey Kasem's body?


Image via Glenn Dettwiler/Flickr

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Tanya Cook Lockett

Casey Kasem was being kept at a house in Silverdale, WA not in Oregon.

WifeM... WifeMomStudent

Isn't it called plagiarism when you pretty much just copy and paste half of the article?

nonmember avatar Mike Durband

Is this writer a complete moron?? You can most definitely die resulting from complications from infected bedsores. Do your research before making such a judgment. You're "unconvinced the bedsores did him in." Fool. You and Jean Kasem should BOTH be locked away in jail forever.


Jean is batshit cray.

adamat34 adamat34

Ummm is it just me who is wondering where te morgue staff was?? How the heck does a body I missing ??

Most morgues have a procedure and cameras to record everything for legal purposes . This story has so many holes.

nonmember avatar RMycroft

It wasn't ordered as part of an ongoing criminal investigation targeting Jean. Kerri got wind that Jean was going to have an autopsy, and wanted it done by her own pathologist.

If the police were really interested, they could have ordered the funeral home to not let anyone take the body, anytime in the last month. They didn't. (Donut time?)

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