Brody Jenner's Shocking Confession About Kim Kardashian Is Kind of Twisted

Kim Kardashian, Brody JennerIs this the really real reason Brody Jenner skipped Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's wedding? Was he too embarrassed after walking in on Kim practically naked, and admitting that she turns him on? Agh! Brain bleach, I need brain bleach, stat!

In a sneak peak for the next episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the crew vacations in Thailand, and in addition to getting attacked by a baby elephant, Kim K. apparently decided to take part in a sexy photo shoot for her then-fiance Kanye West, who had to miss the trip due to a previous commitment in Germany.

You can guess what happens next, right? Kim was lounging around looking all sexy in a transparent white dress, sexing it up for the camera, when her step-brother Brody accidentally walked in.

As Kim acted embarrassed and tried to cover herself (pay no attention to the TV cameras rolling tape), Brody exclaimed, "What are you doing? Oh my God!"

He then runs to find his brother Brandon Jenner and Brandon's wife Leah, and of course can't help but spill the traumatizing details. "I just came around the corner and Kim's assistant was taking photos of her while she was in this see-through white, a-- out, coming through the top -- the whole nine, and I just fully walked in on it!"

"You just saw Kim naked?" Leah Jenner asked. "Brody, did you get turned on by Kim?"

"Maybe just a half-chub," he admitted, embarrassed, and walked out of the room. 

Aggghhh!!! Granted, they're steps, not blood-related siblings, and they didn't grow up together (Brody and Brandon spent the majority of their time with their mom), but still! Never admit anything like that on camera, Brody! Gross.

What do you think about Brody Jenner being "turned on" by Kim Kardashian?


Image via Brody Jenner/Instagram



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megan... meganellis

It's really not that gross. They aren't blood and not even that close. It's normal human being stuff.

nonmember avatar OBI ADAEZE

I like it•Is it for real

sexym... sexymom37

What's the big deal? She wasn't completely naked.

kaka707 kaka707

Something must be wrong with him. Being turned on or not is a thing of them mind. Not living together is not an excuse to visualising having sex with Kim who is supposed to be his step. Besides, she wasn't totally nude. He needs to work on his mind set.

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