Rachel McAdams' Reaction to Ryan Gosling Baby Means She's Not Over Him

Ryan GoslingWhen news broke that Ryan Gosling is going to be a daddy with Eva Mendes, we all thought, What is she doing pregnant with my boyfriend's baby??!! And then we all thought, Oooo, how does Rachel McAdams feel? Well, it was only a matter of time before some gossip rag decided it knows how Rachel feels, and apparently she is ass-slappin' happy about it -- haha, no, of course not. She is devastated. Dev.As.Tated.

Says Life & Style magazine:

She’s devastated.

See, just like I said. At least she keeps it short and sweet.

It's hard to know how Rachel, who dated her The Notebook costar for a few years (how long they really dated is up for debate), really feels. I mean, that was quite awhile ago that they dated. Ryan has been with Eva for almost three years. Since then, Rachel has dated Josh Lucas, Michael Sheen, and is supposedly currently dating music manager Patrick Sambrook.

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But, hey, girl, no one can replace Ryan! It wasn't over and it still isn't over!

Or, you know, maybe it is. Because The Gos isn't Noah and Ryan has a baby on the way, and it's all time we grew up and acted like Ryan is just an actor we don't know, and he's never going to be with us, and we should just get on with our lives and accept this. Just like Rachel probably has.

Or we could just pretend this isn't happening and Ryan and Allie Rachel will get together again someday, and if that doesn't happen, he at least decides to be with meeeeeee.

Do you think Rachel has curled up into a ball in a corner somewhere and is wailing uncontrollably?


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Seren... SerenityAscends

It really worries me that you take fake stories from gossip magazines and attempt to report them as real.....

nonmember avatar oh come on

If you're going to report made up stories of rumors, get the rumors right. She's supposedly dating Jake Gyllenhaal now. Patrick is months over.

missy... missybest

Poorly written article and really dumb!  Leave these people alone.

Melissa Larbig

I am glad that all of the other comments seem to mirror what I was thinking. This could be completely false. It annoys me every time you all write articles about rumors. If she came forward and said she was devastated, that would be one thing. But that didn't happen. They aren't together for a reason. Maybe she is upset, but she seemed to have moved on too and for all we know she is happy for him and his girl.

Leiss... Leissaintexas

Is The Stir letting high school girls write articles now?

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