Chris Soules May Not Be the Next 'Bachelor' After All

chris soulesThis season of The Bachelorette is still going, and even before Andi Dorfman gives out her final rose, there are already rumors circulating about which lucky gent will take over as the next Bachelor. We've heard that he's already been chosen, and even Andi herself seems to have a favorite, but the latest news totally throws a wrench in our auditioning plans. Turns out, the show's producers are far from finalizing their pick. Ruh roh!

Mike Fleiss, one of the bigwigs over in Bachelor-landia, recently tweeted some very suspiciously ambiguous thoughts that leave us scratching our heads. JUST TELL US WHO IT IS ALREADY, ABC!

All right, well that's perfectly cryptic. So is everything we've heard so far just one big tease? Is the search for the future leading man really still undecided?

Marquel Martin had a pretty decent shot at it, until he took a spot on Bachelor in Paradise, as did Marcus Grodd. Fans have always been behind those two. And even after Andi eliminated Chris Soules (farmer man) right before the fantasy suites, Twitter erupted with #ChrisforBachelor promos.

Even former Bachelor "winner" Molly Mesnick made her top pick known:

But that's not all. Also in the mix are Andi's final two choices, Josh Murray and Nick Viall (though it's rare that one of the final men gets chosen to appear on the next season). And lucky for us, there's another former contestant that has been top of fans' minds lately.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. has always been a fave (let's be real, just look at him) and several fans responded to Mike Fleiss with that suggestion. Will he listen? Who knows. They went with fan favorite Juan Pablo Galavis last season, and look how that turned out. Let's just hope the next top guy will be there for all the "right reasons." Sorry, had to do it.

Who do you want to be the next Bachelor?


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nonmember avatar Robin

I totally want Chris Soules to be the next bachelor!!! He's so hot and romantic!

Suzan Brubaker Dale

i don't want to see Nick, he is a fake, I would love to see Chris or Marcus for the next Bachelor, they both were very hurt when they were picked

Jean James

chris i would like to see NOT arie hes a player 


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