'LeAnn & Eddie' Should Be Renamed the Bash Brandi Glanville Show (VIDEO)

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Last night's television included the good, the bad, the MEAN, and the naked. Yes, it was a busy night. We had Kim Zolciak's Don't Be Tardy season 3 premiere as well as the premiere of THREE new shows on VH1, Dating NakedCandidly Nicole, and the one we've all been waiting for since it was announced, LeAnn & Eddie. As in, LeAnn RimesEddie Cibrian, and Real Housewife of Beverly HillsBrandi Glanville. Buckle up people; in today's exclusive video I take on all four shows and I don't hold back.

kim zolciak

First, Kim Zolciak deserves a medal, a trophy, and a parade for standing up to her OB/GYN and insisting on a natural birth versus c-section for her twins, even with one in breech position. You go, girl. In today's video I break down the differences in the production of her show versus other Housewives spinoffs, and what I anticipate the season will hold for the family and its patriarch, Kroy Biermann.

Next, it's Dating Naked. And it's summer vacation, remember? That means kids go to bed later, and my 8-year-old son accidentally helped me review this one. His comments and artistic comparison are hilarious; watch and see.

Candidly Nicole's Nicole Richie had me flip-flopping faster than a politician running for President -- there were elements I truly loved, but also elements I hated so much I thought about never watching it again. Tell me whether you agree.

Finally, the show that took over Twitter and is on every Real Housewives fan's mind -- the saga of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes. I break down the editing of the show, some sneaky moves and clever tricks, as well as how I thought Eddie, LeAnn, and Brandi (by default) all came off. Also, LeAnn and Eddie's show reminded me strongly of another reality star's quest for truth -- can you guess who??

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What do you think Brandi thought of LeAnn & Eddie?


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nonmember avatar DameAng

Maybe Eddie is expressing his built up anger after listening to Brandi on her show bitching about he and LeAnn. Ed screwed around long before LeAnn, since he married her it must means he truly loves her(let's hope). Sometimes I watch Brandi and wonder how he lasted as long as he did with her.

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Eddie is dragging Brandi through the mud?  If he is, it's insignificant compared to Brandi dragging herself through the mud (endless selfies, drunkenness in public, publicly appearing with her clothing falling off and tampon string exposed, comments about wanting to be molested, etc, etc, etc . . . ).  

If Eddie does choose to continue to spend much time bashing his ex on camera, it will be a mistake because viewers will become bored.  But I don't blame him for getting his digs in at Brandi--she deserves them.  

Here's hoping to a long and happy marriage for E & L, and that they can provide a stable, loving home to E's sons.

Andrew Roberts

Love you Alex. I wish you would do seperate videos for different shows so that I can skip to the content that I want to hear about (Housewives) and skip things like the Kardashians etc. 

Tinke... Tinkerbelle1967

Who cares? LeAnn Rhimes is a skank and so is Eddie.


nonmember avatar Melissa

Who care they are all nut cases hurting the kids. They all need to get off TV, radio, Twitter, Facebook, and any other type of media and stop hurting those two kids. With in 10 years we are going to see those poor children as addicted adults. Sad just sad.

nonmember avatar Debbie

Give me a break! Brandi has TRASHED LeAnn and Eddie through a book, twitter, blogs, interviews, ect......Without Leann, Brandi Glanville would not have a career...PERIOD! People all over the world cheat and leave their spouses, and NO ONE has been slandered and attacked more than Leann. Brandi has made a career out of playing the victim for FIVE LONG YEARS! After watching her drunken, juvenile, trashy behavior on TRHOBH, I understand completely the reason Eddie divorced her. At least Leann Rimes has talent, Brandi does not possess one ounce of talent or class!

nonmember avatar Angie

I agree with everyone previously, Brandi has been trashing Eddie and Leann for years on Housewives and in her first unfortunate book (still don't know why I continued reading that, but I finished the first one). He finally has a camera and wants to correct some of the truly horrible things she said. Oy. But I do think if he spent the season trashing Brandi, it would be a hit. I may not watch, but people like the dramaz of a good tabloid fight.

nonmember avatar Taylor

LeAnn and Eddie are no angels by any stretch. I think LeAnn goes out of her way to antagonize and meddle Brandi about stealing her husband. The entire situation is sad for the children. However, if LeAnn and Eddie were so concerned about that, they wouldn't have created such a poisonous situation in the first place. Did they really think everything was going to be all hunky dory after doing what they did?

nonmember avatar betty

Everything Brandi said about those clowns is true, they forget they were the cause of it. Bashing her only made them look desperate an smug. Brandi will get the last laugh when she watches their show bomb. Even using her as a story line didn't help it. You reap whay you sow!

Barbara Amplewomen

Guess it wasn't enough for Leann and Eddie to degrade themselves by cheating while they were each married (and Brandi pregnant!), releasing a song about their affair and continuously defending the indefensible while including Brandi's children in their nonsense. Now they have sold out the last bit of any integrity they may have ever possessed. Leann needs to get out of her middle school mentality and grow up! Eddie will be dropping her when he finds another sugar-mommy. Both are Just SICKO!

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