Scott Disick Hospitalized for Alcohol Poisoning & Officially Hits Rock Bottom

Scott DisickHoly crap, you guys! You know how Kourtney Kardashian threw Scott Disick out of their Hamptons rental last month, reportedly because of his partying ways? And now he's supposedly given up drinking for the duration of Kourt's third pregnancy, or maybe even longer? We have new information that kind of puts it all together!

Scott was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning. Sources dished to TMZ that on June 22, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was so "drunk out of his mind" that he felt like he had been drugged. He reportedly couldn't even put a sentence together, so someone took him to the ER at Southampton Hospital.

Doctors issued a drug test, but Scott was clean. He did however have "classic alcohol poisoning."

Interestingly, this was days after Kourtney kicked him out, and it was the same day Kourt took their two kiddos, Mason, 4, and Penelope, 2, and left for their cousin North's Kidchella birthday party in California. Maybe he was trying to drown his sorrows?

Scott's long been known for his partying and binge drinking ways, but it looks like this may have been his rock bottom. If so, good on Kourtney for showing some tough love and not enabling his bad habits. It could not have been easy for her -- as the eldest of six and a mother herself, she has a very care-taking nature, and throwing Scott out probably went against her instincts.

It looks like it may have been just the wake-up call he needed, because he reportedly hasn't had a drink since. He's also in counseling with Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., the minister who married Kanye and Kim. Here's to hoping he gets the help he needs.

Have you ever experienced alcoholism?


Image via Scott Disick/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Kelsey-Ann

Omg who did this Scott I feel ur pain I once had alcohol poisoning

nonmember avatar Colrbin

Kourtney is a fool for having all of these illegitimate kids with him first of all. Before she tries to correct his behavior, she should check her own and have an AIDS test. Scott loves to drink and this little trip to the hospital isn't going to phase him one bit. After they put electrolytes back into his system and pull the IV out and he begins to feel better, he is going to be at it again. Leave Scott alone. When he gets ready, he will quit. If he never gets ready, so be it. He is SCOTT DISICK. Leave him be. If and when the time is right, things will change. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Life goes on.

nonmember avatar mysterious

He should check out what happened to Derek Whibley and maybe check in to rehab.

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