LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Reveal the Truth About Their Scandalous Marriage

LeAnn RimesLeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's new reality show, aptly titled LeAnn and Eddie, premieres tonight on VH1. The controversial couple sat down for a Q&A after a screening of the show and agreed to answer anything -- nothing was off-limits. Nothing, ya hear?! Gotta admire that, given how much hate and scandal the two have stirred up over the five years they've been together -- primarily because both parties were married to other people when they met.

One of those parties, Brandi Glanville, has gone on to fame and semi-fortune via The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her penchant for keeping up drama with the duo. The couple decided to do a reality show to put to rest some of the rumors about them -- and to make fun of themselves. "It's a coping mechanism to be able to laugh about it," LeAnn says of the constant tabloid rumors. Here's more they had to say.

On getting pregnant. "We talk about it often," says LeAnn. "We definitely practice a lot." Bah-dum-dum! "Of course I want a kid with those dimples," LeAnn says, glancing at her handsome dimpled husband. But she also says they are open to adoption.

Would they have done anything differently? "Oh, everything," sighs LeAnn, who got the lion's share of the hate when the couple busted up their respective marriages with an affair. "But it's not my responsibility to change anyone's mind. Everyone got hurt in this situation but I can't take anything back."

On Brandi Glanville. "There is no feud," Eddie says, rather unconvincingly. "My ex-wife and I are at peace."

First impressions of each other. "The first words that went through my head were, 'Oh my God, another L.A. douchebag!'" says LeAnn of Eddie. But she obviously soon changed her mind. "He was the opposite of that." As for his first impression of LeAnn, Eddie says: "She was shy."

Why they decided to break up their marriages to be together. "The situations we were both in weren't going to work out regardless," says Eddie.

On what they tell Eddie's two children about how they met. "We're completely honest about it," he says. "All they see is love and happiness. They don't want to be in a home with two parents who hate each other and are arguing. It affects them a lot more than you know." Erm, what was that about Eddie and Brandi being at peace?

On haters. LeAnn: "I've learned over the years that stuff people say reflects how they feel about themselves more than how they feel about me. Underneath it all we're all just human beings. I really wish women would support each other more." (Brandi might say the same?!)

Do they trust each other? "We trust each other 100 percent," says Eddie. "I didn't have a partner that I respected before. I love and respect my wife. After all the shit we've been through, it really brought us together. We're not this couple in crisis."

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On LeAnn's eating disorder. Eddie: "It's not true."

When they knew they'd leave their marriages for each other. "When you know the situation you're in is not the right situation," says Eddie. "Your heart and soul tells you, This situation isn't right. Life is short. I didn't want to look back and realize I'd just wasted 50 years of my life and wasn't happy."

Will they last? "We've been through so much together; he's been there for me in my lowest moments," says LeAnn. "I've realized what love is through him. We know how to make it through the really dark moments."

Will you watch the show? Catch recaps here at The Stir.

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nonmember avatar Guest4

Turns out Eddie is as big of a jerk as Leann has shown to be. No matter how the 13-year relationship with Brandi ended it's awful to say in the press that he never respected or loved her. Is this what he has to tell Leann to keep down her insecurities? Brandi is so much better off without this douchebag and his cheating ways in her life.

Leann, keep in mind that while now you're laughing at how cute you think his comments are, that he will be talking about you this way to the press if your marriage blows up. Bet you won't be laughing then.

nonmember avatar SaraM

Can't stand these two! There is NOTHING in this interview that actually seems genuine or unrehearsed. Not believing for a second that there is no beef with Brandi (come on now, why would they even TRY to say otherwise with all the proof out there???) or that the kids see nothing but love. No, the kids see parents that publicly feud at every opportunity. And how can you trust each other when your relationship started out this way? You're both adulterers. Any opportunity to slam their exes, too. Dean and Brandi will get the last laugh one day, guaranteed. This whole interview is a joke. Just because you tell the public everything is a fairy tale between you two doesn't make it true. We're not that stupid guys

nonmember avatar doe

These two are awful, awful, people. Eddie saying he didn't respect his first wife is disgusting. I don't respect a man who cheats on his wife and gives her HPV because of that cheating. Eddie Cibrian is a dirt bag. Not a hells chance I will watch this show.

nonmember avatar Lacy

Oh Rlly? If Eddie didn't respect his first wife, why has he made LeAnn morph into a cheap copy of her? Look at pictures of her when they first got together and now. She even went so far to change her face. It's embarrassing. Sounds to me like he is bitter but still wants a reminder of his first wife in bed at night. Mmmhmmm.

nonmember avatar betty

Eddie respects no woman he is a user of woman. His wife for kids, Scheana for pleasure and Leann for her money After this farce of a reality show crashes he will be lucky to get a job in a commercial. he sealed his fate showing he is the douche we knew he was. Leann career will do no better, Then can take all that happiness thet claim they have and fade into the sunset.

nonmember avatar Funnymommy

Anyone notice all these comments are from non members....and pretty much are very similar? Brandi are you still that hung up? Hmmmmm we get it. It sucked. Truth is....this happens all the time these days. Brandi seems like she's a very bitter person (who would want to be with someone like that?) And a drug /alcohol abuser. I felt bad for her.... But time to move on. If it was a bitter ex husband doing the things she's said and done, that ex would have been slapped with a restraining order quick like. Just saying.

nonmember avatar Flop

Funnymommy is Irene Sybil, Leann Rimes. She tweeted this article on her twitter account and said that it was a good exclusive interview. Why no mention of how Leann harasses Brandi? How Leann has been copying dresses that Brandi wore during her promotional tour?

nonmember avatar Pretensh

I love how any negativity towards Leann is aimed at Brandi taking the time to create multiple accounts. First of all, I don't think she has the time or the care to do so,and secondly I have yet to meet someone whose reaction to Leann is either "huh? Is she still around" or "meh". This couple constantly keeps shoving everyone's face in their business which annoys people like me who don't care, and thrills their haters because they are an easy target. Say what you want about either side but as long as they all keep dancing in the spotlight and flapping their gums, they all look like classless hicks.

nonmember avatar Dev

Brandi said she hoped the marriage would work because she didn't want to see her little guys go through another divorce. LeAnn is paying for this "reality" show and it looks like they have nothing in common but attacking Brandi. LeAnn also calls her p.r. person with her itinerary when she has the boys or is in full make up and bikini so the paparazzi can take photos. LeAnn's exhusband was so disgusted with her and told her she doesn't get to be the victim and asked when she was going to stop hurting people. I really liked her when I was a kid and thought she was talented. Now she's just a lunatic married to a guy whose cheating with a longtime girlfriend. Sad pathetic couple.

nonmember avatar Wow "flop"

@Flop, thanks for the information. I knew it sounded strange, plus she's a nonmember too. How pathetic! LeAnn or LuAnn or whatever she calls herself is a crazy maniac. She's scary insane. I worry about those cute little boys when they are with her.

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