'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Makes It Clear Where He Stands With Nikki Ferrell

Juan Pablo NikkiWell, this is getting exhausting. Are they broken up? Are they together? Are they not exactly engaged but not exactly not engaged? It's been quite the roller coaster relationship for Bachelor Juan Pablo and his lady love, Nikki Ferrell. Especially after news broke that Juanny Pabs was caught hitting on another woman and getting her digits.

But ess okay, you guys. America's least favorite Bachelor couple have not broken up despite JP's bad boy behavior. In fact, Juan Pablo himself is putting those rumors to rest.

So, just a few minutes ago I was scrolling through his Twitter and I saw THIS photo:

I thought, what the hell? Is that a Nikki Ferrell impersonator? JUAN PABLO IS CHEATING WITH A NIKKI LOOKALIKE? I'm sorry ... this is my job.

But of course, she is not a Nikki impersonator. I have no clue who she is, but Juan Pablo commented on the photo and made it clear that he is still very much in a relationship with Nikki. The real one. He responded to this chick in the picture on Twitter:

Nikki and I will be WAITING for Wedding Inv.

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Smooth move, Juan Pablo. Way to not address those cheating rumors but instead subtly deny them with a tweet like that.

So there you have it. These two have NOT broken up. My work here is done.

Do you think Juan Pablo & Nikki will break up eventually?

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Phyllis Blank Simmons

He screwed both women in the fantasy suites & I guess Nikki was better! I doubt that they will ever marry & if they do it will end up in divorce!!

Libby Boyes

This is Chealsea Goff who is engaged to a baseball played on the Atlanta Braves. I'm sure they just met at the All Star Game and snapped a picture.

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