Kim Kardashian's Planning Pregnancy #2 for Really Silly Reason

Kim KardashianRemember when Kanye West said little North West was just as royal as Prince George? Well, get ready for another race to the birthing room. Kim Kardashian, whose pregnancy race with Kate Middleton ended with her the narrow "winner," is apparently gearing up to out-birth Kate once more. Rumor has it that Kim wants to get pregnant -- and so does Kate! Or maybe Kate wants to -- and so does Kim! Maybe these two are SnapChatting each other's fertility stick results?

Us Weekly reports that Kim and Kanye are currently trying for baby number two -- and that Kanye desperately wants a boy. Maybe they'll name him Prince South West!

And of course rumors have been swirling for weeks that Kate is also gearing up for baby deux. Whom she will most likely give a classic royal-ready name.

Also, this time Kim is determined to keep the pregnancy a secret until she's at least five months along. Okay, that's never going to happen. Kim has basically stopped wearing clothes since she gave birth. The minute she starts covering up, everyone is gonna know she's got a bun in the oven.

You have to wonder what this weird obsession is that Kim seems to have with Kate. I guess she and Kanye consider themselves American royalty. Well, a girl can dream.

Do you think Kim and Kate will get pregnant at the same time again?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Bonnie Cobb

They think they are Prince and Princess in US. This marriage will not last. KIm will get tired of Kanye crap. Kanye think is so mightyShe will go into hidding when she gets pregnant this time


Victoria Barrera

She needs to learn how to take care of her baby, being a mommy is not just having them and expecting someone else to raise them

grnsm... grnsmomma

Wasn't Kim giving pregnancy advice recently that said to basically go into hiding for your entire pregnancy?

-Love... -Lovedance

How can you compare Royalty to these people ? I mean come on.

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