Kailyn Lowry May Legally Change Her Name for a Heartbreaking Reason

kailyn lowryShe may not change her hair color or experiment with makeup nearly as much as her Teen Mom 2 co-star Chelsea Houska, but Kailyn Lowry has definitely proven herself interested in switching up her personal style -- usually with tattoo ink! But now, she may be changing something a lot bigger ... her name!

And no, no, we're not talking about her married name Marroquin, which she took on as a hyphenate after wedding hubs Javi. Kailyn may change her FIRST name. The MTV star took to Twitter to run the idea by her followers earlier this week ...

Whoa, right? That would be a pretty major move right there. It's one thing to tack your husband's last name onto your own. It's another to legally change your first name -- even if it is just an abbreviated version of what you were born with.

Fans are speculating that the reason Kailyn may be looking to reclaim her identity in such a formal way is because not only do her nearest and dearest call her "Kail," but the name on her birth certificate was given to her by her estranged mom, Suzi. So, maybe officially dropping the "yn" is her way of asserting her independence.

Whether that's the case or she just wants to really OWN that nickname, hey, you do what you've gotta do, mama!

What do you think about Kailyn changing her name to Kail?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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nonmember avatar traci

Kail is a vegetable. I think its a bad idea.

Paike... Paikea1974

l reckon she's called ' Kail'  by most of her dearest family and friends anyway so why waste money to get it official? l thought she'd chose a completely different name as her cousins are Kayla and ....oh don't remember that other one but it was very close to the name Kailyn....

'Kail'  is cute for a little girl not for a married mom of two..

Just my two cents ha ha, she can do whatever she wants lol

Laura Champlain

I personally like the name Kailyn,it's different and I never heard it before the show.

nonmember avatar Lisa

I wish she had changed it before the show - she's around the same age as my daughter and spells it the same so my daughter gets remarks all the time.

That's MrsCooper ToYou

I don't think that was worthy of a story, however, I commented so maybe it was. It's whatever.

nonmember avatar Emily

Kale is a vegetable.. not Kail.

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