Jenelle Evans' Son Is Getting Adopted if Nathan Griffith Has His Way

Jenelle EvansJenelle Evans no doubt has her hands full these days, what with taking care of her newborn baby Kaiser, hitting up the beach, going back to school ... plus taking care of her haters on social media as per usual. But unlike that time she was on MTV's 16 and Pregnant, she now has a 100 percent supportive baby daddy on her side.

This Teen Mom 2 star has former MMA fighter Nathan Griffith in her corner, and this guy has some big plans for their future. Not only are they planning on tying the knot soon, but Nate wants to make some big changes to their family -- namely adopting Jenelle's son Jace!

Only one caveat to that plan ... Jenelle doesn't even have custody of Jace. Let's just say that Jenelle didn't always have it as together as she seems to these days (i.e., she was basically one of the worst moms ever), and she signed over custody to her mom Barbara Evans when Jace was an infant.

Kaiser's big bro is 4 now and spends weekends with his mom, but Nathan wants more. He recently told OK! Magazine, "I want custody of Jace ... he listens to me and I’m a good role model for him. [Barbara] just yells at him."

In all fairness, Barbara just yells at everyone. It's sort of her way.

Nathan and Barbara have gone at it before (remember that time he accused her of letting Jenelle get hooked on heroin?), but we'd thought they'd worked it all out and were on friendlier territory. Maybe not.

"I look at him as one of my kids so I want him in a more structured and understanding home," Nathan said about Jace. "When he’s with Barbara it gives me an unsettling feeling in my stomach."

He continued, "I love her and I respect her, but she hasn't grown up yet -- and I don’t like that."

Babs hasn't grown up yet? We're glad to see Nathan and Jenelle keeping their crap together over the last year, but they're ones to talk about growing up.

Regardless of how the custody situation turns out, it's obvious that Jace has a lot of people who love him in his life, and no matter where he lives, that's the best place a kid can be.

Do you think it's a good idea for Nathan Griffith to adopt Jenelle's son Jace?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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IzzyPurr IzzyPurr

I'm not here to bash on Jenelle. I think giving her mother custody of Jace when she couldn't take care of him herself, was a mature thing to do. Giving Jace to her mum was a good thing, because it was obvious Jenelle couldn't take care of him at the time and being a teen mom is HARD. Especially when you didn't plan on becoming one let alone want to even grow up in that way just yet. So I applaud her on doing what was right for her son. Granted, her behavior in front of Jace from what we all saw on tv, was terrible and so uncalled for(yelling, cursing, and fighting in front of him). Jenelle has come a long way then what she used to be. I'm not saying she's a GREAT mother, because she still has a long ways to go to even prove that. But I DO think she's trying and she seems to be doing good. I think Nathan getting custody of Jace is still a hot subject and is something he shouldn't do, until both him and Jenelle plan on being in each other's lives for good. These kids need a father who isn't going to walk out on them(even though Nat doesn't seem like he would do that, willingly, at least). I wish them nothing but the best of luck. But this is something you have to think long and hard on, not something you can do overnight and then backout of it(like some do in a marriage).

nonmember avatar Alisha Schmitt

I Think Jace Needs To Be With His Mother Not With His Grandmother

nonmember avatar jh

Blah blah blah. I`m so sick of this oozing piece of crap Nathan. He opens his mouth and its so sleazy I need a bath. If hes going after custody of any child it should be HIS daughter. What he says doesn't even make sense, "Barbara needs to grow up"? If it wasn't for Barbara Jace would have been put up for adoption and Janelle, the worthless crack slut, would have never see him again. Once the MTV money is gone Nathan will be gone. Lets face it he thinks hes to good to work. Also, what person with a brain would look at Janelle and say hey she seems like she would be a good mother? Once Nathan is gone Janelle will be back to the same old Janelle and this new kid will be looking for a home. This dude has CON written all over him with blinking lights and its already showing.

charl... charlimarie2006

I think that he should adopt Jace because if he loves Jenelle he loves her son also....They come as a packaged deal pretty much....

nonmember avatar MsJanuary

Totally agree with you "JH".

Roxan... Roxanne92

I feel bad for Jace he got handed a crappy life,I mean his mom is Janelle and Barbara is not the parent of the year but at least she stepped up to take Jace

nonmember avatar GS

I agree with JH and MsJanuary. There is something very inauthentic about Nathan.

nonmember avatar Chf

I swear y'all never give her credit most people grow up n I think it's time for her to get jace back and get married let them start there lil family by being together ! And about his daughter why would he get custody of her he sees her n she belongs with the mom as long as he's in her life that's all that counts ! Omg people most of y'all are rediculess !!

nonmember avatar Heather

Being a girl who has watched Janelle on 16 and pregnant, seeing how she wanted to ditch her child for a party. Threatening her mother that if she didn't take care of her kid she would just take him with her even if drinking a drugs were involved. Refusing to put her phone down for one minute to feed him, not getting up to his cries or to her mother waking her up. Teen or not, she is one crappy mom who needs to grow up because when she opened her legs up for a man she hardly knew, she became an adult. Her mother had no choice but to take her grandson from her daughter because she was probably scared that he be dead in a ditch somewhere or dying in the hospital because he had a dose of half the drugs she does. So I give her props on getting that baby out of danger and being the mother that Janelle will never be to him, because lets face it, Janelle treats him like a sibling than her child. Plus, she chooses men over her child all the time, she could be dating a pedophile for all we know and she wouldn't care as long as she has her drugs and a man to meet her needs. And her mother is more mom to that child than she will ever be.

Samal... Samalama319

Actually, Heather, Jenelle has grown up A LOT. Plus, it's been 4 years since she was originally on 16 and Pregnant. Everybody screws up. She's working her butt off to be a better person and mother. Unlike, say, Farrah, who is too busy making sex toys and stupid comments to properly care for her child.

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