Why 'Married at First Sight' May Be the Best Way to Find Love on Reality TV (VIDEO)

Whoa! Reality TV just went to a whole new level. Have you been watching Married at First Sight? OK, I was aware of the show and a little surprised at the press buzz for a brand new show on a brand new network, FYI, rebranded from Biography. Well, this weekend I spent time with literally hundreds of people in the TV and media industry, and EVERYONE is talking about this show. In today's exclusive episode below, I break down what we're seeing (and NOT seeing) so far, as well as episode 6 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

The world is used to matchmakers, whether they are people or online dating services with computer algorithms. Heck, that's how I got married. But committing to legally marry a stranger on the say-so of four experts redefines trust.

In today's video below, I take each of the couples in turn, Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland, and Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion, as well as production and editing elements and what we, the viewers, are meant to think. Is it working? Is it not? Will these couples stay together, and given the initial presentation, where are they all going over the next nine episodes?

On the flip side, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars is in its sixth episode with two left in the season. Jenni "JWoww" Farley had to deal with a problem that affects every reality star in her condition -- there's such a delicate balance between taking care of yourself and taking care of business. Below, I detail the production choice to break the fourth wall, and how Jenni may or may not be correct in her accusations. Her fiance Roger Mathews has his own issues, many of which stem from his desire to get out of the public eye. Add to that a Bad Girls Club moment, the likes of which we've never seen outside of Tanisha Thomas' own show, and there's lots to discuss.

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Do you think any of the Married at First Sight couples will stay together?


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nonmember avatar A. Wheatley

I would not be surprised at all if two out of three - or all three, for that matter - make it past a year, or more. As for long-term success, it seems Cortney and Jason could go the mile and then some. There is certainly no lack of physical attraction between the two of them.
The previews for next week's show give indications of trouble (already!) between Vaughn and Monet, as she accuses him of always being angry, but conceding that they always end up in bed together, despite his anger issues. (at least this is what I inferred to be the case based on the little bit of "teaser dialogue" given in the preview).
Finally, Doug and Jamie. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that she is starting to come around to feeling something for him. (Once she got past the intial child-like disappointment that he wasn't Prince Charming riding in on a white stallion, and began to see more of his personality and thoughtfulness towards her)> IMO, they are a great match. She could certainly do a LOT worse!

nonmember avatar Julie

I know a lot of people have reacted to Jamie's disappointment by saying she's shallow or whatever, but I think the panel of "experts" really let her down. Doug is ugly. That's fine, he still deserves happiness in life, but you don't put a 3 with a 9 without the 9's permission, you just don't.

It's fine to make a match for Doug, but find someone in his league. How disappointing is that for Jamie to walk down the aisle and at least expect someone average looking but end up with a real uggo.

The women on the panel seem reasonable and smart, I don't know why they didn't put the kibosh on that match when they saw looks wise that it wasn't a match. I'm not saying that people in different "leagues" don't date and marry all the time, but they know what they're getting into when they do so. I'm hoping that Jamie can learn to love Doug, and that Doug will get those growths lopped off his face which would increase his attractiveness by about 50%. I just think it's very telling that the woman is the one who has to compromise but all the guys on the show get someone they find hot. I very much doubt the panel would have put a hot guy with an average looking girl, so why do the opposite?

Also, Doug came across as kind of a creeper in that episode. Like he can tell that Jamie is uncomfortable and he keeps grabbing at her and trying to get close. Dude, give her some space.

Expat132 Expat132

Ugly men feel entitled to beautiful women. Actually ALL men do.

nonmember avatar Katy

Doug is not that ugly. He's not as good looking as Jamie but I heard on the radio some expert said women should marry men who are not as good looking as they are. That they stay married and happy longer. Yeah there's a big difference between their looks but he's definitely not ugly.

nonmember avatar lisa

wish...God would have been at the top of their list....then they all would stay married til death....

nonmember avatar Bernadette

Doug needs to take it slow, Jamie is a bit disappointed with his looks, I won't say he's ugly, but he needs to prove that he is a good man and would make a great husband and father, of all the couples I expect them to stay together the longest.

nonmember avatar Qynn

I'm really excited for these couples and I hope their marriages last. I think it is brilliant to not allow the couples to meet until their wedding day. In just meeting, these folks could have found a million things wrong. They may reject their ideal mate by thinking he's too short, she's not thin enough, etc. I'm sure that I missed out on meeting and befriending great guys because of my opinion of what beauty is. Looks are important but some of us rely too much on appearances. My heart was breaking for Doug. I think it is cruel to say Doug is out of his league. He seems like a genuinely nice guy. He, like every decent person, deserves love. I'm happy that he maintained a great attitude. He was incredibly understanding of her reaction. Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic to see that Jamie might come around. In a sneak peek, we hear her stating that she likes him. I'm overjoyed! I hope that all of these couples have a lifetime of joy.

nonmember avatar zz

I actually think Doug is nice-looking. Sparkly eyes, an open expression. Really cute smile. I'm rooting for Doug and Jamie, although I do understand her initial reaction to him. I might have had that response as a younger woman. Now that I'm older, priorities shift. (My husband is almost bald. I think he is beautiful.) I also love Monet and hope that she finds true love. Vaughn seems like a decent man, but he is not for her. I do not think that he appreciates her enough. The other two -- they're ok. Not as interesting to me.

nonmember avatar zz

One other comment: Completely agree with the post that noted that nice-looking men would never be paired w/plain-looking women. The schlub guy getting the gorgeous girl, and we're all supposed to cheer. (a common motif in film comedies. Very irritating and boring.) Here's to all of us plain janes -- and that we recognize the power of other kinds of beauty.

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