Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner's Relationship Takes a Nasty Turn

Kendall Jenner Kim Kardashian

Apparently having conflict with her family members seems to be somewhat of a trend for her, especially since a Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner feud might be brewing -- all because Kendall thinks she's like a gazillion times hotter than Kim.

According to OK! Magazine, now that Kendall's modeling career is taking off, she wants to set herself apart from the rest of her family. She even believes she should be earning more dough than her famous siblings on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

An insider claims, "She (Kendall) thinks she's the hottest sister by far. Now that she's famous and heavily involved in fashion, she sees herself as better than everyone else. She has become an egomaniac. That she's now demanding twice as much as her sisters to film the show."

While this could be nothing but a mere rumor (imagine that) -- would you really be all that surprised if Kendall and Kim are competing with each other in the popularity department? It's no big secret that Kim is envious of Kendall's youthful appearance and crazy slender frame, so it has to get under her skin to see her little sis getting so much attention these days.

And as far as Kendall is concerned, something tells me the idea of ousting Kim as the most famous member of the family is quite an appealing challenge, especially since she's building a career for herself outside of the realm of reality television. I'm sure she'll be more than ecstatic if "Kendall Jenner" becomes an even bigger household name than "Kim Kardashian."

But even though a little bit of friendly competition never hurt anyone, let's hope Kendall and Kim don't get too carried away with trying to outdo each other. It would be a real shame if they let their lust for fame get in the way of having a healthy, sisterly relationship -- and they'll totally regret it down the line if they let hunger for attention come between them.

Do you think Kendall and Kim are secretly feuding?


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nonmember avatar TEMILOVE


Hermina Sauberman

kendall: pretty female space alien (see head shape)

nonmember avatar Vanny

I believe so, but in a friendly way, just to be subtle. Love it.

Roxann Timbs

Kendall is by far much prettier than Kim ! And her body is perfection. Kim should be jealous.

Bonnie Cobb

KIm is all about herself, Kendall had no babies and her body is so perfect then KIms. Yes Kendall will go farther than Kim it she stays single and focus on her career. She needs to come out with a Barbie collection with her sister Kyle. KIm needs to stay off the same runway that Kendall is on . It makes KIm look bad. A jelious sister. Love you all, there is room in the world for all of you, but not your ego

marti... martiniqueenie

Earth to Kendal...YOU are not a Kardashian. Be a beautiful Jenner. They need one!

nonmember avatar Eve

I hope this is just a ploy and they are not really going against each other. I'd rather have my sister. Even though Kim deserves everything she gets from Kendall. Look how Kim treats Rob. He's depressed and Kim says get over it. Depression is serious and she shouldn't be an ass to her brother. So it would serve her right if Kendall took all the lime light and she got depressed and Rob told her to get over it. That would be justice. Kendall just give it 2 more years nobody is going to want to see Kim's big sloppy ass anymore. Stay professional Kendall unlike Kim.

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