Kylie Jenner Is in Trouble With the Law Again

Kylie JennerThe youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner crew had better watch it. 16-year-old Kylie Jenner got not just one, but two tickets on Monday after being pulled over by the CHP on Highway 101. Her $125,000 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon first attracted the officer's attention because of the dark, illegal tinting on the windows.

Maybe it was an attempt to hide the fact that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star also had another teenager in the car, and no adult over the age of 25 present -- a big no-no for drivers under 18 in California. Whoops.

Kylie got two tickets -- one for the window tinting and one for violating her provisional driver's license. But that's not the first time she's gotten into trouble behind the wheel.

She got a speeding ticket last January, and last August, just 18 days after getting her license, she caused a three-car fender bender near her Calabasas home.

Look, crap happens when you're still new on the road. It's why teenagers' premiums are so stinkin' high. But Kylie really needs to follow the rules of the road. Yes, it sucks that she can't drive her friends around, but that's the law, and she needs to abide by it, no matter how rich her family is. 

Do you think Kylie should follow the rules of the road?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram



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Cooks... Cookster792

Of course she should follow the rules, but she won't. Why should she? She knows because of who she is that nothing will happen but  maybe a slap on the wrist.  Nothing happened last time and correct me if I'm wrong but she left the scene of her accident before police arrived. Here in New Jersey that is against the law. Spoiled, spoiled they all are. 


nonmember avatar Angiegirl

This family has done everything they can to prove they are 'special' and above the law. What does a 16 yr. old need a $100,000 car for? Really? They 'pimp out' their kids as soon as they are able; it's a shame; No class; no education; NO style! Ugh. And, they marry ugly Mo Fo's.

Teri Dawn Evans-Niezgocki

That pretty much says it. The name and BOTH parents but mostly kirs. They don't need to all that new and expensive cars and things. But mom is yep you need it and yes you can go out and not live by the laws and rules that come with life. And that is responsibilities. Sad.

Seren... SerenityAscends

"Do you think Kylie should follow the rules of the road?" What kind of ridiculous question is that!? Nooo... She should totes just get to do whatevs she wants cause she's like, totes famous!! O_o

nonmember avatar Jamie

Yep, they already get privileges we don't they don't need to abuse them. Certain rules money or no have to be followed she could really hurt or even kill someone. This is an important law, not just something she can blow off cause she's famous. Like I said...she'll regret it when something bad happens.

nonmember avatar Rehab


Olivia Kelly

yes she does-regardless of her privileged background....the law is there for a reason so...just abide by it...

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