Jill Zarin Opens Up About Her Life in an Exclusive Interview (VIDEO)

Today we're mixing up the Real Deal format a little bit. In addition to coverage of what we saw last night on reality television with Celebrity Wife Swap season 3, episode 11 and The Real Housewives of New York City season 6, episode 19, those two worlds collided! Of course, that means a Real Housewife swapped lives on ABC. I happened to spend the weekend with Jill Zarin and Jenna von Oy and have exclusive interviews with both ladies about their swap, as well as some juicy RHONY backstory and reunion dish from LuAnn de Lesseps. It's all in today's video! 

First, there's Celebrity Wife Swap. You really couldn't find two celebrity lifestyles more different than those of Jill Zarin and Jenna von Oy. From the Hamptons to Nashville, saving to spending, it's a fascinating match-up. I filmed my interviews with the ladies in Jill's Hamptons home, the same you saw last night on television, and rather than say more, I will let them speak for themselves! Oh wait, I have to say one thing. For those who have wondered at my reconciliation with Jill, check us out on camera and maybe you will see what I see. (And TELL me in the comments!) Oh, and one more. Jill gently poked a current Housewife. Guess who??

Next, it's back to the city for the second-to-last RHONY, featuring Carole Radziwill's birthday party and a whole lotta Sonja Morgan and Harry Dubin. And Harry and LuAnn. Wait, WHAT!?! Oh yes, I have dish for you regarding what we thought we saw and heard on last night's episode versus what really happened. Plus, the marginalization of Aviva Drescher, some fun backstory and confirmation, and a hint of what's to come on the reunion special. Are you ready??? Get watching!

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Which Real Housewife would you like to swap lives with?


Images to via Johnny Nunez and BravoTV.com

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nonmember avatar sandy

I'd swap with Heather Dubrow! I might feel overwhelmed by my grand surroundings, but I'm sure I'd spend most of my time collapsed on the floor in laughter: Terry cracks me up! That would be a fun, fun week...:-)

nonmember avatar DameAng

Aviva needs to be the friend of the housewives instead of LuAnn. Saw a story that the ring thing was a set up between Harry, Sonja and Ramona.

nonmember avatar Sammi

Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't one first have to be a celebrity before they can appear on "Celebrity wife swap"? Who is Jill Zarin??

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

I would have swapped with Adrienne Maloof.  Not because of Adrienne herself, but because of Paul--he's intelligent, quick-witted, funny, and cute.

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Enjoyed your interviews, Alex.  Nice job!  You didn't monopolize the conversation or make it about you; and you allowed your subjects to do most of the talking, which is what a good interviewer does.


I like Jill's hair style a great deal.

nonmember avatar Yolanda

Jill is the celebrity wannabe that just will not go away.

nonmember avatar MaryH

I agree Yolanda, don't forget, it's been proven that Jill has bought the majority of her twitter followers. How pathetic.

nonmember avatar Milania

Jill Zarin is the same crazy lady that used an alias name Susan Saunders to give her own book positive reviews on Amazon. BTW, Saunders is her maiden name, what a ditzy.

nonmember avatar pennynote1

This reeks of major desperation from jill, very sad woman.

nonmember avatar HWfan

Hi Alex, I love your videos and all of your insight. I was wondering, do you know if we will go from having 3 housewives shows(RHOC,RHONJ and RHONY) on to 1? With RHONY wrapping and RHOC filming their reunion will Atlanta or Beverly Hills be ready in time? Seems like a short window...

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