Andi Dorfman's Engagement Ring May Be Biggest in 'Bachelor' History

Andi DorfmanIt's been quite a season for The Bachelorette this time around, eh? Andi Dorfman's been a bit of a goody two-shoes, which made for some uneventful watching during the first few episodes. But things eventually picked up speed as we got to know the cast better -- and we all got chills when Andi and Eric Hill went on their one-on-one date, because we all knew he had died before the episode aired. Agh! Emotional roller coaster, people.

Now it's finally down to the final rose ceremony, which has us wondering (kind of) which bachelor will Andi pick and more importantly -- will he propose? If the rumors are to be believed, Andi Dorfman gets proposed to, and she gets the biggest ring in Bachelor history.

Spoilers ahead ... you've been warned.


After this week's fantasy suite disaster during which Andi sent salt-of-the-earth farmer Chris Soules home before they even got a chance for some nookie, we're down to two suitors. There's Chicago salesman Nick Viall and former pro baseball player Josh Murray.

She's clearly been smitten with Josh for awhile and even dropped a major hint when the hometown dates aired that he's the one she ends up with. Plus, we just don't like Nick. Plus, she has to end up with Josh, the way she talks about him on her blog posts.

It's going to be Josh, you guys.

But what about the ring? After the last season of The Bachelor and the train wreck known as Juan Pablo Galavis, we kind of got jipped out of a proposal. Or even an "I love you." Juan Pabs and Nikki Ferrell still aren't engaged, by the way, but whatevs.

So now we're all wondering -- Josh may be the guy, but does he put a ring on it? Even Mario Lopez got into the speculation! Andi posted a pic on her Instagram of A.C. Slater the entertainment reporter examining her finger. "He's looking to see if there's a ring tan line ..." she wrote.

No word on whether or not Mario found a tan line, but an insider has snitched to Life & Style that Andi not only gets her proposal, she also gets the biggest ring in Bachelor history.

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According to the tabloid, the ring is a 4.4-carat Neil Lane stunner, worth about $100,000. "It is absolutely stunning," said the source, who also shared details of the design and the proposal itself. Apparently Josh (we're just going to assume Josh, mmmkay?) was so nervous presenting the "huge rock with a halo of diamonds" that he was shaking. "He was so nervous ... Andi thought it was adorable!"

We're going to guess she answers with a big old YES!

Do you think Andi Dorfman will get a proposal?


Image via Chris Harrison/Instagram

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