'RHOC' Tamra Judge Gets Caught in Bold-Faced Lie on Live TV (WATCH)

tamra judgeAndy Cohen asked Tamra Judge some questions she couldn't squirm her way out of giving a straightforward answer to on Watch What Happens Live, so instead of trying, she did what she does best: She lied. Shocker. I know. I had to lie down. I feel so betrayed. Nothing is what it seems. *Pauses to wipe the sarcasm off of her computer* OF COURSE TAMRA LIED. THAT IS WHAT SHE DOES. 

Andy asked Tamra a question courtesy of a viewer. The fan in question wanted to know what, exactly, Tamra has had done to her face, plastic surgery-wise. Is this an obnoxious question? If someone asks you this on the street, sure. But if you're the star of a reality show where your tagline includes the phrase "I'm not getting older, I'm getting BOLDER," and your obsession with youth is no secret, fans are totally entitled to bug you for your secrets! 

Tamra started shaking her head the instant Andy started asking the question. Let's call her Cleopatra -- for lo, she is the queen of denial. Not only did she out and out say that she had no work done, but she was outraged someone would think she had! I mean, I think she was outraged. It was kind of hard to tell what she was feeling ... BECAUSE HER FACE IS FROZEN.

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Anyone who is still team Tamra needs to see how this interview shook out. Because they won't be on her side once it's over. After initially squealing, "No, no, no, no," Tamra finally smirks and says, "I don't lie, Andy," making it really clear that lying is exactly what she's doing: It's her bread and butter! I really hope anyone who still thinks Shannon Beador is overreacting watches this clip and starts writing her a well-worded letter of apology. 

Did this change the way you think of Tamra?


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nonmember avatar Tish

Next to Miss Piggy, she's one of the ugliest housewives!

justj123 justj123

She admitted to Andy that she LIED to Shannon to 'make the show interesting and the viewers watch ' HELLO????

That in my book is a LIAR!!!

nonmember avatar Amber

Did you even watch all of it? She was being sarcastic and playful, she admitted she had fillers. I don't like her either but come on.

Marilynne Dwire

She put fake boobs in, then took them out. I can't wait for a reunion show ten years from now and they still look exactly the same hahahahah.


Karen Ismail

That was so fake and mean what she did to Shannon. Seems to be the tactic of being a professional reality star - mean mean. If I was Vicky - I would have said something and turned it all back onto Tamra but no, they are just fake mean girls. \

Birgit Banyak Van Beber

It seems like Tamra wants to get Attanchen now more then ever.... I hate people who are like this, blaim others for there Lies. She needs to Step up and tell the Truth for ones in her Live and Vicki really needs to tell the truth also that Tamra did say what she said. Oh and this Shannon Women, stop telling your Privat shit to every one and stop saying that you were Thrown out of Heather's House, she politeley asked you to leave because her Kids were in the other room and Shannon was very loud !!!! I think they need to let Tamra go, she doesn't get a lot of air time so she has to sturr up crap with every one and sorry to say this, Vicki needs to leave too, she is the oldest one from the RHOC left and her and Brooks they do get on my nerves, she thinks she loves him and we all know he wants his 15 min. of Fame and he wants to live of Vicki, she is so dumb and Naive just like a 16 year old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Tara HUBER

Tamra is a c u next tuesday. A fake n a liar. I could careless for shannon beador but I do feel bad that they (heather n tamra ) r starting all this shit

nonmember avatar lily

She's a s*** stirrer! That's all she has done every season she's been on. The only type of housewives they can get are the unstable, love attention, drama type of women. I mean would we watch if they were solving their issues like normal women? I think not. We've seen what happens when someone's life doesn't bring enough drama..Andy let's them go or fires them...or like the somewhat sane - er women and leave the show on their own when they get fed up with all the BS.

And Shannon..omg woman..here is a big piece of smart information. .you don't want people to talk about your failing marriage one: don't go on a TV show and talk about it two: don't tell Tamra three: DON'T GO ON A TV SHOP AT ALL!! I still don't understand why she didn't go to Tamra directly. .she was the one that lied to her face..She says "I'm disappointed". But oh no Heather told the world. And I'm not sorry but Shannon is clearly unstable. All I've seen is one person says one thing to her and she takes it so wrong and makes it an issue. She need therapy. She needed it about 13 yrs ago.

Ellen Rubenstein Belfiore

The most ridiculous Tamra is when she says she needs all the hormone therapy and everything while her son Ryan copies her. So she tells Ryan he should just be happy with who he is. Absurd. I would say she is on meth or crack but her teeth are too nice

nonmember avatar kath

She's paid to be S stirrer. Come on people that's what this show's about. She said it herself. They are paid to create drama. If they live normally they're fired. This is not a real show. You are acting as if this is normal everyday life. Their paid to go on trips and cause drama between each other. That's the show. That's bravo.

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