Jenelle Evans' First Official Pictures of Baby Kaiser Revealed!

Jenelle Evans

Yes! After a couple of weeks of keeping us on the edge of our seats, OK! magazine has exclusive photos of Jenelle Evans' new baby Kaiser. Now we can ooh and ahh over him like we've been waiting to do!

Right after his birth, Jenelle told her Twitter followers that she wanted to enjoy her time with her son for a while before showing him off to the world. Apparently a little over two weeks was just the ticket.

And while she's been hinting that she's going to share pics via her social media channels, apparently OK! managed to get to her first. (I guess we can assume she made a buck or two off the shots?!?)


Ok, back to that sweet baby -- isn't he simply adorable?!? It's tough to tell which parent newborn babies favor, but at first glance, I really see more of Nathan in Kaiser than Jenelle.

And it sounds like bringing him into the world was no easy feat, as Nathan says Jenelle was "screaming for about eight hours" -- which made him cry! (Aww.)

They look so happy together as a new little family -- but let's hope that Jenelle will go ahead and share some more pics of Kaiser with us now that OK! has released their photos. We've waited so long to meet this little guy and we just can't get enough!

Do you think Kaiser looks more like Jenelle or Nathan?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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