Kim Kardashian's Latest Selfie Shows How Badly She Feels About Herself

Kim KardashianThere's no denying that Kim Kardashian is one beautiful lady. In a plastic-y, polished, exotic Barbie sort of way, but she's still gorgeous. And thanks to all of her workouts and wedding dieting, this reality star is looking better than ever. So then why is she self-loathing on the Internet?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star couldn't even wait until Thursday to post a throwback pic of herself on Instagram from 2010. In it she's wearing a skin-tight dress from Balmain, and the caption she put with says everything about how she really feels about her rockin' bod these days.

She wrote, "Throwback to a few years ago #SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW."

She looks amazing, right? But you know what? I think she looks even more amazing now. She may think she wants to get back to her pre-North days, but there isn't a single thing wrong with how she looks right now.

There's nothing wrong with working out and hitting the gym (Kim reportedly does at least five times a week) but killing yourself with the unattainable goal of getting your post-baby body back is just going to lead to loads of frustration.

You're gorgeous, Kim. Stop stressing about your "skinny days" and have a glass of wine. You'll feel better.

Do you think Kim is trying to hard to get her pre-baby body back?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Kelly

That is a photoshopped picture. The original dress has a zipper and her boobs don't look perky. Her neck and nose are slimmed too. She is delusional and is trying hard to look like her photoshopped versions of herself. I hope she doesn't end up like that cat lady wildenstein while trying to achieve "perfection."

nonmember avatar Aunt Aggie

I saw the original photo and then the newly photoshopped photo as well - Kim is delusional - I think she is feeling pressured even more so now that she has a much younger competition - her much younger sisters.

Dawn Dealmeida

Yeah she looks good now but if she wants 2 love on the treadmill and get back 2 wear she was more power 2 her.. Does she know a body changes once it's had a baby..

nonmember avatar Kiki&Koko

I don't know why she's trying do be perfect as she was before North..Just like u said she's more beautiful then always!I DON'T CARE If she's all plastic or not ..all I know that she's gorgeous no matter what..But really,Kim stop tryin to be PERFECT 'cuz you already always was.!

nonmember avatar Alyssa Hart

She has already mentioned in the mudrun episode of keeping up with the kardashians she is 5 pounds lighter than she was before having north..

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