10 Celebrities Caught Picking Their Noses – Gross! (PHOTOS)

rob pattinsonHere is a little gross factoid: everyone picks their nose -- even if they won't admit it. It's human nature. If something is in there, you are genetically predisposed to wanting to get it out. Ideally, you will have a tissue handy to aid the excavation. Though, more than likely, you are going in for the big dig with digits exposed -- like these stars we've caught in the icky act. Check it out!

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Image via WeirPhotos / Splash News

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sunmo... sunmoonandstar

Most of these look like they were scratching around their nostrils. I am disappointed.

Paike... Paikea1974

l am a tad disappointed l didn't get to see the result of their picking....HA HA HA no l'm not!

nonmember avatar Karma

Must be a really slow day! Picking their nose article? If it's gross...why share it. I see what you really think about your readers.

shire17 shire17

SOOOOOO LAME!!!!!! The article to begin with is lame and stupid and just plain lazy. Most look like they are scratching their nose. Grow up.

nonmember avatar Really, REALLY?

Seriously, two of the names are spelled wrong. 2/10. A fifth! 20%! Proofread! George Clooeny? Really?

nonmember avatar Kelsey

I'm hlad to see I'm not the only of tired if seeing articles that haven't been proofread. Sad.

missy... missybest

How rude of the author.  I suppose you never touch your nose?  Never have a tickle on your nose?  Come on!  There wasn't one picture with anyone with their finger up their nose actually picking.  I truly do feel sorry for celebrities.  Really, nothing better to report on?  Silliness!  LOL.

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