Kanye West Reportedly 'Inspects' Kim Kardashian's Body for Imperfections

Ladies, whenever you’re having one of those “off” days about your body, just thank your lucky stars that you’re not married to someone like Kanye West. It’s no secret that Kanye loves to micromanage everything about his life and career, but apparently he also controls Kim Kardashian’s as well. This time around though, it looks like he is going a little too far with his obsession with her body.

Apparently, Kanye is so obsessed with Kim and her looks that it’s all he ever talks about. He doesn’t mention how much he loves her or how they spend their time together but instead obsesses about her appearance and “brand.” Yeah, it seems like Kanye is treating Kim more like a piece of artwork than a wife. A source says:

All Kanye ever mentioned about her are her looks, hailing her as a ‘work of art.’ You’ll never hear him talk about how they unwind together or their favorite restaurants and movies. His only concern is that Kim stays beautiful and that she keeps her monetary empire strong.

What’s worse, Kim is feeling incredibly pressured to keep up her looks just so her husband doesn’t criticize her. The source added:

She even lets him inspect her body once a week for imperfections and immediately books an appointment with a plastic surgeon if he decided something needs to be fixed. She’s become a doll for him.

Ugh, I feel disgusted just thinking about this. Kanye is acting worse than high school mean girls who burn each other for their appearances. This is by far the most toxic relationship Kim has ever been in, if this is indeed true. If Kanye’s marriage to Kim is based solely on how she can keep up her appearance and her brand, then these two are doomed and headed straight for a divorce. Even though Kim is known for being high-maintenance, there’s only so much pressure a woman can take before she cracks.

Plus, it’s not like Kim is the one telling Kanye to go fix his imperfections. Still, I’ll give her credit for lasting this long, though. It’s almost been 72 days since they’ve been married, right?

Do you think Kanye West is going a little too far with his weekly "body inspections"?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Dawn Dealmeida

If indeed that's what he's doing its definitely going 2 far.. But it's up 2 Kim 2 decide that one out 4 herself

Melissa Marie

Doubt this is true. His Mother died during a plastic surgery procedure, and he was upset she passed over vanity. 

nonmember avatar Kelly

She doesn't smile like she used to or seem to be the vivacious person people liked. Her eyes are just flat and not happy anymore. Kinda has the kanye glazed look.

Bonnie Cobb

She new how he was when she married him. Over controlling


Letizia Micallef

why doesn't he cures his imperfections..... he looks really ugly...you can't even see him in the dark.... he is so jealous of Kim's beauty that's why he treats her like this..... and to be honest i don't know what Kim saw in this man........ only because he's Kanye West!!!!!!

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