Kim Kardashian Insulted by Brody Jenner in the Worst Possible Way

Kim Kardashian

There's obviously been a certain element of sibling rivalry going on between Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian ever since he didn't attend her wedding, but it seems as though their little feud keeps getting nastier by the day.

And if Brody attending Reggie Bush's wedding wasn't enough of a stab in the back, what with Reggie being Kim's ex and all -- just wait until you hear what Brody said about his famous step-sister behind her back.


A source told RadarOnline that Brody said, "Reggie dodged a bullet" by not marrying Kim, which is basically about as insulting as insults get.

I mean, it had to be pretty weird for Kim when her own step-brother refused to attend her nuptials and then went to her ex's wedding. He even shared photos from the big day. (Nice touch, Brody.)

But going so far as to say Reggie dodged a bullet with one of his own family members? Yeah. That's pretty low. I mean, I guess we can sort of get where he's coming from, given all of the drama that goes along with being Kim Kardashian's husband. Still -- should he really be talking shit about her to her ex like this?!?

Brody and Kim do a decent job of avoiding each other these days, but odds are good they'll wind up bumping into one another at some family function in the future. The jury is still out as far as whether or not Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner are still together.

But if Kim gets wind of just how bad Brody slammed her this time, something tells me their next interaction will be anything but amicable.

Do you think Brody was out of line in insulting Kim?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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