The Truth Behind Heather Dubrow's Plot to Take Down Shannon Beador (VIDEO)

rhocHearsay. Who say? What say? Tell you what, last night's reality television viewing was more confusing than health insurance. More confusing than finding your way out of a maze without a map. Between Shannon Beador, Heather Dubrow, Vicki Gunvalson, and Tamra Judge, season 9, episode 13 of The Real Housewives of Orange County nearly made me forget my own name. Plus, we've got Laugh Out Loud moments from the Ladies of London, episode 7. In today's exclusive video I break it all down for you!

Shannon is convinced that both Tamra and Heather are lying. That Heather and Terry Dubrow are plotting to take her down and told Tamra. Except, wait, Vicki decides to own that. How can she? What is real? In today's episode I explain ways in which producers, editors, and other cast members can mess with each other, and why Shannon is such an easy target in addition to her being a first season cast member less experienced with the process. Also, Tamra gave the best explanation ever for her part in the drama, and based on what we have seen so far, I'll tell you what she's absolutely, 100 percent NOT lying about. 

ladies of london

Over on the Ladies of London, cast member Annabelle Neilson's injuries are used as a very clever season tie-up as well as a gentle push toward conflict for the finale. Noelle Reno may have inadvertently helped, as well as providing some welcome comic relief with Caroline Stanbury and Juliet Angus. The very pregnant Caprice Bourret took a cheap shot that backfired on her badly ... I think that she either forgot or didn't yet realize that when you are a pawn in someone else's game, you may win a battle or two but never the war. Overall, the London ladies have been nicely positioned for their finale. How so? Watch and see!

Finally, you'll want to stay tuned for tomorrow as well, when I will be covering Celebrity Wife Swap with exclusive interviews that also (just might) have something to do with The Real Housewives of New York City.

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Whose side are you on -- Shannon or Heather?

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nonmember avatar Gordon

can't believe how Vicki and Tamra are treating Heather this season! Heather has always supported them in their lives; she supports vicki and brook's relationship, Tamra and eddie's business, and she had a genuine heart-to-heart with vicki about Briana moving to another state. All tamra ever did was poison Briana's mind against her own mother about brooks! After all that, Vicki has the nerve to doubt heather's integrity as a friend...not fair! Glad to hear her and Tanra are cool again though!...But, WOW vicki!

nonmember avatar Lisa

Obvisouly tamra is lying and stirring the pot to cause drama. Shannon asked if what tamra told her was true or not tamra said it wasnt. Shannon didnt want to cause a issue but tamra did. Also vicki also said tamra have said the same thing to her and even lizzie realized that tamra was lying

nonmember avatar keida

I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you concerning the OC. Shannon does have a talent of hearing one thing versus what is actually said, but its minor hyperbole, not blatant revision. And Heather is also capable of blatant revision, remember the chairgate? Such a stupid fight. Anyway Heather said that Shannon flipped out and went scary crazy eyes on her. No one else saw that. I think there's a lot of revision and Tamra is not innocent. Too bad she loves her job as a villain. A reality villian is very different from an acting role.

nonmember avatar yreved

I usually enjoy getting your take on things but I feel like this time you watched a different show. Shannon said Tamra had attributed the "take down the Beador" comment to Terry on many occasions. Shannon wanted confirmation from Tamra that it was said to know where she stood with Dubrow's. Tamra denied she ever said it. With out Tamra's back up Shannon was prepared to let it go. Vickie in her confessional corroborated that Tamra was spreading this rumor.

I am not sure why you see this as confusing when you said, "where did Shannon here this rumor, from Vickie?" From the show I watched it's black and white that Tamra attributed this statement from Terry multiple times to Shannon and also to Vickie.

Tamra was caught on air so she went on the offensive and brought it up before anyone did.

Valerie M Baumgartner

Heather and her creepy husband are rude and just plain mean. The Beadors handled that dinner with class and dignity. Shannon was completely fair in trying to get Tamra admitting on camera the things she told her and Tamra as always LIES. Shannon let Heather blab and blab and when Shannon felt it was finally her time to speak Heather wouldn't let her. I would have lost my mind too. Heather you behaved badly ..when you lay with pigs like Tamra you end up smelling like one too.  Vicki, you should have spoken up but I guess with Brooks there you were protecting him.  Still you should have said something...period. Clearly Tamra and Heather have it out for Shannon because she is becoming very popular.

Patricia Powell

Shannon was invited to a nice dinner at Lizzie's house. Instead of going in peace, having a nice evening and being a gracious guest, he started thinking in the car. She can get another crack at Heather this evening! This was not the time nor the place to bring any of this nonsense up. Take the Beadors down? How childish! Tamra is a cu#t faced liar, she has done this stuff every season. BUT had Shannon just let it be (not asked Tamra about it at the party, the key here is at the party, Lizzie's nice party!) none of this would have happened. Since the problem at Heather's house, in every single episode, on multiple occasions, Shannon has told and retold that story with fervor. She has been become obsessed with doing to Heather what she claims Heather does to her! She is far too fragile to be on reality TV.

nonmember avatar Janesmith

Are we watching the same how? Shannon doesn't have a problem hearing things wrong --it's Heather that perceives a different reality (I.e., Heather said Shannon "yelled" about the chair and we all saw Shannon didn't yell. Also, Heather said Shannon "yelled" at her during the Christmas party but even Vicki pointed out that Shannon never yelled at Heather at the Christmas party, they just had a disagreement WITHOUT raised voices). All Shannon has said is that Heather "kicked her out of her house." That is NOT an exaggeration. If someone tells me I have to leave their house, I would also say I was kicked out. Being told to leave someone's home is the same thing as being kicked out (Shannon didn't say or even imply that Heather physically kicked her). So I don't know where you get the idea that Shannon has a problem perceiving reality. Clearly, Shannon is being truthful.

nonmember avatar heather

Heather is a crazy star hungry bitc*. Shannon is being targeted because he is new. Tamra will always lie she is a coward. Love the O.C. wives.

justj123 justj123

Janesmith I agree with you 100%!! I was also beginning to wonder just who was watching what show!?!? I think that Tamera is lying to Shannon and feeding info to Heather about her ! It will all come out in the end and I hope Tamera does not come back next year!! Sick and tired of her lying and sneaking ways!!

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