Andi Dorfman Totally Ruins the Next 'Bachelor' Announcement

Andi Dorfman

Gah. Apparently she needs to learn a thing or two about being more subtle, because Bachelorette Andi Dorfman basically just went and told us who the next Bachelor will be -- by sharing a telling tweet, of all things.

I know, I know -- ABC typically does not announce who the next leading lady or gent of the series will be until the "After the Final Rose" special airs. But thanks to Andi, we can all turn off our TVs a few minutes early that night since she all but gave it away.

(Way to ruin a perfectly good surprise, Andi. Nice.)

Check out her tweet. Does it sound like a major reveal to you?

Ok, so there have already been several rumors going around saying that Chris Soules is the next Bachelor -- but can you believe Andi let the cat out of the bag like this? Surely there are still fans who are in the dark about who will land the gig, so it seems so bold of her to put out a statement like this before the news is public knowledge.

Oh come on -- what else could she have possibly meant by women being "lucky enough to get a chance with Chris" if she wasn't referring to him having his pick of 25 ladies? It's so obvious it's ... well, obvious.

And even though most fans will probably be pretty excited about seeing Chris in the driver's seat, this only makes us roll our eyes at Andi even more for being completely incapable of keeping her mouth shut. Seriously, it's a wonder that ABC hasn't called her out and made her remove the tweet at this point. (They must really love her or something.)

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But on a positive note, who else thinks Chris will be such a refreshing change after Andi's bummer of a season? He's crazy hot, super sweet, and knows how to drive a tractor. What could possibly be sexier than that?

Do you think Andi gave Chris away as the new Bachelor?


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nonmember avatar Laurie

Not sure if you noticed the 'when and if' part of her tweet.

Lynn Chapman

I didn't watch Juan or Andi season but Chris I will probably watch he does seem like a gentlemen as long as tabloids & media stays out of it on the internet & don't give away anything


Laurie Pringle Waddell

As a show fan I'm glad to know Chris will be our next bachelor....doesn't matter how and actually after last night -I'm thrilled for him now!

Doreen Redcay

He's sweet but certainly not "Hot" in my Eyes!!!

nonmember avatar Mickey Marsh

I don't know that she really gave anything away. I think she was saying that she let him back in the dating pool and he's a great catch. Also, I would be excited if he was the next bachelor he seems to be a real genuine man and is just looking for love.

nonmember avatar kathy duncan

I hope it's marcus. But Chris is so nice

nonmember avatar Kat

Again another headline and story with a complete read too much into scenario! She did break up with him last night. Usually when people break up they start dating others at some point!

Sandra Justice

Once they announce he's the next Bach all those stories about his drunk driving and fighting while drunk will be all you see everywhere. Donesn't matter that he' a millionaire now and has stayed straight thery will make him seem like he's a horrible person. To me, he's kinda cute, but not one that I'll  crazy enjoy watching. The last few seasons have been bummers. ; (

Sandra Justice

Wow spell check screwed my post badly LOLOL

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