Jenelle Evans Leaves Baby Kaiser for the Smartest Reason Ever

Jenelle Evans

Geez! Baby Kaiser must be a real gem of a newborn, because Jenelle Evans appears to be anything but exhausted and overwhelmed these days.

First she sunned herself on the beach just days after giving birth, and now Jenelle is kicking things up yet another notch to show everyone just how unfazed she is by becoming a mom again.

(It's a piece of cake, I tell ya.)

Just wait until you hear what she's doing this week -- it's the LAST thing most new mothers would be concerned with.


Yep. She's going back to school. On Wednesday. As in tomorrow. As in her baby isn't even a month old yet and she's already hitting the books.

And even though it's commendable for her to be so serious about her studies -- can you honestly believe she's starting classes this soon? I mean, most moms are lucky if they can manage a shower or a grocery store run during those first few weeks with a newborn -- and Jenelle is putting school at the top of her priority list?

I know Nathan Griffith is there to help with Kaiser while she gets her study on, but still -- it just seems surprising that she wouldn't opt to take a semester off considering what a crazy time in her life this is. Surely whatever school she's attending would've cut her a break and let her come back next term given her circumstances, right?

More power to her for wanting to stay committed to earning her degree. But given just how quickly the newborn phase passes, she may wind up regretting not giving herself a bit more of a break. She really ought to soak up every second of goodness with that little baby while she still can. Before she knows it, he'll be the one heading off to school in the mornings and she'll wonder where in the hell the time went.

Can you imagine going back to school so soon after giving birth?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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