Secret to Kate Middleton's Hot Body Finally Revealed!

kate middletonWondering what Kate Middleton eats and does to stay so fit and in-shape? So is the rest of the world. The Duchess has always been thin, but almost a year ago, she set tongues wagging when her shirt rode up while playing volleyball, exposing her impossibly flat stomach -- a few months after Prince George's birth. Kate didn't just look "skinny," she looked in-shape. She looked fantastic.

The Duchess will doubtfully ever sit down for an interview where she spills all about her diet and exercise regimen (that's so pedestrian), but new reports have surfaced, claiming that the key to Kate's hot bod is ...

Natural fruit and veggie juices!

According to the U.K. Express, the Duchess started drinking juices before her wedding in 2011 in order to help her slim down and feel good before the big day. Apparently, Kate has a NutriBullet and she makes the healthy cocktails herself. Her favorite? An orange, pineapple, and banana puree drink. The Duchess doesn't "juice" for extended periods of time anymore, but supposedly, every month for two days, it's all she drinks in order to cleanse her system and shed unwanted weight and bloat.

Of course, it sounds simple enough, right? Just drink juice twice a month and you'll be as slim and trim as the Duchess. Hey, maybe you'll even find yourself a prince to marry! But I'm guessing there's a little more to Kate's fitness regimen that keeps her looking so great (personal trainers? personal chefs?). But what do we have to lose by drinking an orange, pineapple, and banana smoothie a few times a month? That sounds delicious. Bring it on.

Do you think there's more to the Duchess's health and fitness routine than scrumptious juices?


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kate middleton


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nonmember avatar sandy

Of course there's more! Start with being a busy mom, add in walks and travel and maybe some horseback riding, jogging, or swimming, plus a dose of toning exercises on her own, and that's a recipe for slim and fit. Also, she was never overweight to begin with, and she grew up in and married into families with active lifestyles. (Oh, hey: my current blend of choice is oj, banana, kiwi, strawberries, and cantalope. It's fantastic!)

nonmember avatar jaz

kate has the worst body l have seen, when on honeymoon with will in seychelles she looked so masculine like a body builder, l feel sorry for willy he has to make love to a bag of bones, no wonder hes never at home!

nonmember avatar Lisa

" so fit and in-shape? "

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, looks ghastly skinny and that look does not flatter her. Gyms don't make a person fit. Strenuous work makes a person in-shape. Wearing designer fashions only makes 'Kate' a walking clothes hanger. It seems like people born after 1980 have a few screws turned counter-clockwise in their head as they obsess over cleansing their demons or sipping smoothies.

nonmember avatar tokna

This is such a Lie she was trying a juice at a non-alcahol bar, that picture is from the non- alcahol bar -_- LIER!!!

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