'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Lying Tamra Judge Owes Shannon Beador a HUGE Apology

shannon beador Tomorrow morning even the people around you who don't watch The Real Housewives of Orange County might have already heard about what happened tonight. It was the campiest, saddest, most ripped-from-the-pages-of-social-experiment moment I've ever witnessed -- and I was there when Giudice flipped that table. Picture, if you will, poor, mentally bludgeoned, kind, funny Shannon Beador at the top of a flight of stairs bellowing down to a full dinner party: "YOU WILL ALL SEE THE TRUTH!" 

That's totally what happened. That is not even hyperbole. The caps lock? Not my own. Bitch was yelling! And with good reason! For all the drama and pathos of that moment, Shannon was probably at this point the only sane person left in the room. If there was a jail for shit-stirrers, I would ask that Tamra Judge be committed there post-haste and entombed in its bowels for the foreseeable future. *Hits gavel* Court of Becca, adjourned! Let us go eat cookies! 

While neither Heather Dubrow nor her hubby Terry Botched Dubrow came out tonight smelling like roses, the blame for the whole party's meltdown can so clearly be pointed at Tamra. Shannon planned to confront Terry for saying he wanted to "take down the Beadors." Luckily, Shannon decided to confirm -- on camera, because she's smart -- with Tamra that this info was accurate. True to form, Tamra lied, lied, lied. Rather than look insane, Shannon shrugged and decided to drop it and have an awkward evening rather than an explosive one. 

So imagine her shock when TAMRA BRINGS UP SHANNON'S QUESTION AT DINNER TO TERRY! It was a move so cunning and so evil that even the Queen of the OC Vicki Gunvalson was all "touche, I will sit quietly here for the rest of the evening and say nothing." Vicki should have spoken up. She knew -- KNEW -- that Tamra was lying! She could have easily flown to Shannon's defense. But like a turtle, bitch kept her head firmly down the neck of her leather sheath dress. 

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With no allies to stand by her (except a very confused Lizzie Rovsek), is it any wonder Shannon totally blew her top? Frankly, I think it's insulting that when a woman explodes with rage or hurt, she is made to feel as though she's being "crazy." Shannon: It is not crazy to have a reaction! I am rooting for you! Tamra and the horrific Duran Duran-style white eyeliner she has favored this season deserve the boot. 

Do you think Tamra is lying about this too? I CLEARLY DO.


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youth... youthfulsoul

Shannon is a sad pathetic soul in desperate need of therapy. Of course Tamra was lying but do you really need to lose your mind and obsess for months on end over every single interaction you have with someone? Girl needs some serious mental health help. 

nonmember avatar j

I haven't seen it yet only previews. I do see that when low level dirty people cause you to lose it they sit back and call crazy when they lit the match. Walk away from these people who are soulless and hideously unkind. They all turn on someone without a moment of reflection on how this will effect a life. Let them have their cruel sport. Shannon is too good for them.

nonmember avatar holly

Yes, Tamra stirs dirt up. She needs to learn to tame her tongue and be more of a supporter... I support Shannon 100%!

nonmember avatar lou

Tamra is such a liar and gossip stirring the pot and Heather is the ice princess with Terry being the joker. The scary thing is Terry is a doctor handling confidential issues and he's just as bad a gossip and bully. Bravo will keep Tamra because she stirs things up but its just plain cruel. Even Eddie seems like he can barely tolerate her. Shannon has a right to be upset and hopes she can get away from the craxy 3, Tamra, Heather and Terry. Vickie's smelling like a rose:)

nonmember avatar lou

Shannon 100%, Tamra a big zero, Heather a big snob and incapable of emotion.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

One needs to wear a wire when talking to these ladies so you can whip it out say "You Lie and heres the proof" But Vickie is right if you don't want ayone to know about your marrage then don't talk about it to everyone.

nonmember avatar Lea Rogers

Tamra and Heather are pathological liars. Heather denies doing anything wrong on every occasion. She is a narsissist and her husband is too weak to face her problems.After all the harm both of them caused Shannon they continue in the next episode gossiping about her. Your time will come Heather and Tamra. I only hope we will all see it. I now believe Tastes kids are better off with Simon. Tamra is not capable of being a role model. Heathers children I pitty the most. They have no mother. She only cares for herself. How many times have we heard her cry"this is about me" me me me me. Poor screwed up maladjusted needy frozen faced Heather. Get off the camera and go home and boss the kids the nanny cook and cleaning lady around so you can keep telling how you work so hard.oh don't forget to finish emasculating your ass kissing husband.

nonmember avatar j

The only fault I can find with Vickie is she won't back Shannon with the truth and is letting her twist to n the wind. Boy wasn't Terry a real aggressive guy with David. I don't think I want to watch botched . What is he pissed that Davd s better looking? Tamra gave me the creeps she is just gross. Looks like she doesn't care to be a grandmother! What a joke. Her sons wife is gorgeous by the way. Tamra hanging n to Shannon after lying and manipulating,betraying ought to step the hell back. Like she gives a shit about Shannon she just wants to set her up for destruction. Shannon be strong these idiots are not worth a second of anguish they will get their own for bein g so msortable. Tamra looks like a fool having a fit because her son s having a child.

nonmember avatar Disgusted

Eewwe!! Tamra is an uneducated piece of garbage. From watching years and years of the OC, you can see it in that dirty shit disturbers eyes when she is lying. She lied again in tonight's episode and her BFF confirmed it! I get why Vicki didn't say anything but she should of to defend Shannon and to shut that trashy mouth of Tamra's up! Tamra should be kicked off the OC. Nasty nasty person!

nonmember avatar j

That's brilliant wear a wire! Really the only way to defend yourself with these lousy people. It is creepy that Terry is a doctor and acts this way I bet he laughs at his patients while taking their money. Vickie apparently is just afraid now of those jackets going after her. What comes around goes around though and if you see evil and do nothing you're not innocent either. I can see why though these people are vicious. Im sure its tempting to just be happy they aren't coming after you.

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