Kylie Jenner & Jaden Smith Are Supposedly Engaged (PHOTO)

Kylie JennerEven though Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith have yet to confirm their relationship status, she's set the Internet abuzz with rumors of their supposed engagement with a recent pic she uploaded to Instagram. The 16-year-old selfie queen and Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality star posed in front of a mirror, and a certain piece of jewelry on a certain finger would suggest that the two teens are closer than one thought.

The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner bunch and Will and Jada Smith's 15-year-old son have been dating or hanging out or whatever they're calling it these for well over a year, but insist they're just friends. Just friends who pose for sexy selfies together, but whatevs.

The reality star donned a black hoodie and a perfect pout to show off what is clearly a ring on third finger of her left hand.

Look at that bling! Clearly it's at least a promise ring right? Or maybe Kylie just likes messing with our heads. Because she had to know what she was doing here.

For some reason, she and Jaden want to keep their relationship status under wraps. I can't necessarily say I blame them -- neither one has any idea what it's like to not live life in the public eye. They probably can relate to each other in a way us commonfolk just can't.

But no matter how secretive they try to be, someone will always put their foot in their mouth. Their friend Lincoln Lewis was on a talk show in Australia recently, and when asked about Kylie, he referred to her as "Jaden's missus."

Maybe that was closer to home than anyone realized at the time, if that ring means anything. (Wink wink.)

Do you think Kylie just likes messing with us by posting pictures like this?


Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar guest

I think Kylie is seeking attention, as usual. She receives the least attention of all the sisters, so she is constantly doing something for attention, otherwise she would almost be forgotten.

nonmember avatar Norma

The whole family is in constant need of attention! You would think with all that money they would be happy but its a constant need for fame that drives them on! This is the same Jaden Smith that showed up at Kimyes wedding in a full on Batman leather outfit, mask and all! Yeah this a perfect match in attention seeking heaven! The Kardashian/Jenner legacy lives on!

nonmember avatar Andrea

Or if you were smart enough, you can tell that the pictures need to be flipped. That's the right hand, not left... You should be atleast smart enough to tell. Nice try though...

Katie Conklin

andrea, that is the left hand, and why cant a girl wear a ring of any kind on her left hand without having to be engaged or married? im left handed and have always worn rings on my left ring finger because it feels more comfortable that way, these websites are just trying to stir things up.

Adebambo Adebambo

I agree she is an attention seeker, but it's not OK to just wear a ring on your ring finger when your 16!!!! Lol people will think your engaged. I really don't understand how she is famous for nothing!!!!!!! No talent nothing she is just famous. Lol I'm not jealous I just want to understand what the world is coming to. I honestly don't think there dating they just wanna stir up ish like they've always done. She has way to much freedom for a 16 year old. I never here about school from her tho. What's she gonna do when she's old and wrinkly and no one wants to see her amazing selfie don't get me wrong she is gorgeous but she should be wise.

nonmember avatar Mary Ana

She is in front of a mirror so the reflexion makes it look like it's on her left but it's actually on her right finger duhhhh

nonmember avatar angela

Quick go get a ring put on your left finger and take a selfie in the mirror. This ring is on her RIGHT ring finger.

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