Marcus Grodd's Confession About Andi Dorfman Should Ruin His Engagement

marcus grodd, andi dorfmanAs this season of The Bachelorette comes to a close, there is a trail of broken hearts left in Andi Dorfman's wake. Among the most recent, of course, is Marcus Grodd. He was booted after the hometown dates. Now that he's off the show, he has been speaking about his time with Andi, and his feelings about the reality star are quite shocking.

Apparently the booted hunk still has the hots for her. His confession to Reality TV World:

Just like any relationship or breakup, it's tough getting over that person, especially if you had such a strong connection or you actually love that person ... and I'm still in the process of getting over her.

That's especially shocking considering that he recently got engaged! After he was kicked off (which happened months ago despite it just airing), he got a spot on the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise. During that televised meat market, he met Lacy Faddoul, a cast-off from Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor. They have since gotten engaged.

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So, our question is, if he's happily betrothed to another woman, why is he pining away for Andi? Can't imagine that Lacy is pleased about his comments. Perhaps this means he isn't ready to move on just yet. If that's the case, Lacy better prepare to get her heart broken.

Do you think Marcus still has feelings for Andi?


Image via marcusgrodd/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Samantha

Obviously he can't tell the world he's engaged because Bachelor in Paradise hasn't even aired yet, so ABC is most likely making him play up his heartbreak with Andi.

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