Aviva Drescher Takes 'Real Housewives' to a Whole New Level of Low

Aviva DrescherTeresa Giudice with her table-flipping antics and Ramona Singer with her wine-throwing ways might both want to take a seat AND some notes for this. The Real Housewives of New York’s Aviva Drescher is about to show both ladies how reality television drama is done.

Though you may think it would be impossible to go much lower when it comes to these ladies' antics, Drescher has reportedly done just that.  

According to reports, Drescher got into a heated argument with her co-stars during a dinner at New York City’s trendy Le Cirque restaurant for the July 22 season finale of the show. Things got so bad, Drescher threw her prosthetic leg across the eatery during what some are calling the most “epic” battle they’ve ever seen on the show.

I don’t know if epic is the right word, because I’m thinking more along the lines of WTF, people.

Even though the incident reportedly happened last fall, eyewitnesses to the bizarre event have kept quiet about it since they all signed non-disclosure agreements with Bravo. Maybe when we've seen it all play out, there will be some explanation that makes this not quite as atrocious as it sounds, but I'm not holding my breath.

I mean, we’ve all seen horrible Real Housewives fights, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a leg-tossing melee on television before. This sounds like it may be in the running for the lowest moment for not only the Bravo network, but for Aviva Drescher as well, who lost her limb during a childhood accident. This was supposed to be a show about successful, aspiring, and media-savvy middle-aged women, but with these antics, they’re making country bumpkins Honey Boo Boo and Mama June look like PURE CLASS in comparison.

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But then again, considering how The Real Housewives of New York has seen its lowest ratings in years this season, I’m sure Andy Cohen and company are wanting to drum up as much media interest as possible for Drescher and her leg swinging ways. Reality Television: 1, Society: 0.

Are you going to tune in to The Real Housewives of New York’s season 6 finale to see Drescher’s biggest meltdown yet? Do you think there's any possible "good" explanation for her to do something like this?

Photo via Aviva Drescher/Instagram

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MileyWHO MileyWHO

yep. She's getting fired and she knows it.

nonmember avatar Dame Ang

Maybe Bravo should lock Aviva and crazy Shannon (Baddoor bad joke)in a room and see who comes out. Let's face it the producers love stuff like this. I think back to Real Housewives of DC, if it weren't for the crazy wine vineyard folks "crashing" the White House dinner that season would have been as fun as being locked in the basement of a mortuary! The bitchy Brit couldn't even help that one.

Kristy Ann

She is yuck to the fullest. Her and her hypochondriac ways and her pig handedness. Not to mention her obnoxious father........ Get rid of her. Please she is boring and what is her purpose on the show, she is hardly on it...Nobody will miss her!

Ann Basso

I've completely lost interest in this show...but I'll watch a reunion show..although all they do is yell and talk thru each other.

Teresa Guilian

No, I'm not gonna watch, and no, there's no explanation that's ok. This show is like other reality shows, they promote and suggest - be mean to people for higher ratings, but in the end, people won't eventually want to watch this negative, mean, stupid behavior. And so since its soo negative, it's just a dumb show.

nonmember avatar sandy

Why is this suddenly a big to-do? The previews of her leg sitting on the floor amidst her stunned and horrified "friends" have been on for months. Aviva has always seemed troubled and manipulative, but if she threw her leg during a fight or meltdown, then that signals a whole different situation. That would not be the behavior of a well-functioning, mentally sound adult: therapy time--fast!

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