Emily Maynard Makes Sweet Announcement About Her Growing Family (PHOTO)

emily maynardSomeone has been keeping a big surprise under wraps. I can't believe it -- Emily Maynard is welcoming a new member to the family already! She just married Tyler Johnson last month, but over the weekend, she made this exciting announcement via Instagram: "Meet the newest addition to our family ..." Going by the photo, the new family member is adorable, with the palest, most angelic hair. The family member's name is BRILLIANT. And I'll give you another hint: In case you're wondering, this family member was adopted. Are you ready? Okay.

DAWW! It's a new kitty cat! And I love the name Ricki picked out for it: Brain -- too funny. Wouldn't we like to hear the story behind that name.

This comes just over a year after Emily surprised Ricki with a puppy for her eighth birthday, a little white Maltese they named Pixie. "The newest addition to our zoo," Emily said at the time. So it looks like Brain was chosen to match Pixie. Now they have two white, fluffy puffballs at home. Oh wait, looks like Emily has a couple other white cats (though one died this year). PLUS two other dogs, Nash and Knox. And ... the Maynard-Johnson home really is kind of a zoo. Where do they keep so many critters?

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We may see a human baby from Emily soon enough -- though probably not for year or so. I think Em and Taylor (and Ricki) are just settling into married life together before they add a human member to their household. Plus, they must have their hands full with all those pets. But it makes you wonder, every time Emily adopts an animal, is it because what she really wants is a new baby?

Do you consider your pets part of the family or just, you know, animals?


Image via Emily Maynard/Instagram

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needa... needadvice1983

Ooooooo they got a cat. Why is this news?

Angie Eads

This is an entertainment website...if you're looking for the latest government conspiracy go watch Fox News. 

I never understand why y'all get so pissy or upity when it comes to these articles. Unless you're a bonafide idiot, you should KNOW that it's all about celebrities or parents...not the latest update about border wars! 

Kathleen Hanson

I consider my pets part of my family, but I don't get a new pet cuz I want a new baby.


Leila... LeilaBeansMom

I love my zoo of 4 dogs, 5 horses and 50 cows. I really do. But I don't add a new one because I secretly want another baby. I find that insinuation kind of insulting.

nonmember avatar TruthTeller

Angie Eads, I'm guessing you watch CNN where you don't get the real news…just highly selective, non-objective liberal stories that big media deems you worthy of hearing on any given day. No wonder you sound like an angry, spiteful woman. I'd be angry too if I was kept in the dark about what's really happening in the news on a constant basis.

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