Kim Kardashian Forced to Publicly Apologize for Dumbest Reason on Earth

kim kardashianRecently, Kim Kardashian said that pregnant women should hide out for a year. The comment, which was said during an interview with Elle, was sarcastic and completely made in jest, but it pissed a lot of people off who didn't quite get the humor. Kardashian said, "I recommend hiding for a good year and having no pregnancy style. That’s what I recommend. If you can do it, hide. Never leave the house," when asked what she recommended in terms of pregnancy style. Shortly after the interview was published, people naturally attacked the reality star, because, well, that's the way of the world. And now Kim was forced to apologize for a remark that was very obviously a joke.

Come on, people. Kim certainly has a long way to go before she's hitting up open mic nights at The Laugh Factory, but it couldn't be more obvious that she wasn't being serious. Did this really warrant a public apology?

In a series of tweets, Kardashian said: "I guess you can’t be sarcastic when doing interviews! I was asked about tips on pregnancy style ... I jokingly said pregnant woman should hide/stay in if they looked like I did lol. I said ask Kourt her tips because she has the best pregnancy style. I really should start videotaping the interviews I do and post them on my website, so you can see the laughs and how it's really said."

It's easy to see why Kim gets heat for a lot of the stuff she does, but a dumb joke about pregnancy style? Please. I really don't think a three-tweet apology was in order for this one; and actually, I feel kind of bad for her having to explain herself in this situation. Have we no sense of humor, world? Or, at least, can we really not tell when someone isn't being serious?

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Oh well. I suppose the silver lining is that having to say sorry here and there for otherwise innocent remarks is a small price to pay for being one of the world's most beautiful, rich, and famous women. But still: Really, people?

Were you offended by Kim's comments?


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nonmember avatar gavin

I was hoping to read her apology for her being a total waste oxygen.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Kim, every time u open your mouth stupid comes out. Stick to what you know best. Posing with a frozen face and half naked.

nonmember avatar sarah

I have seen the stir get offended by even more silly things so spare the faux outrage

Marie Joseph

I dont think she was joking at all. Everyone knows she hated every second of her pregnancy....she leaves that kid all the time to jet around the world. I would never send my 1 year old child alone in a jet to fly anywhere! I don't care if she has nannies!!! You can see Nori is nothing more than photo prop. I feel sad for that little girl having kids of my own. And I think Kim should rethink her priorities as a mother.

Gianna Markolus

You couldn't be more wrong. You dont know her life. She is always with her child just not posting pics 24 times a day so you can say she's a good mom.

And yes she was joking and who can blame her after the disgusting bullying she was put through!

nonmember avatar Hannah

Does it really matter. Maybe Kim is a celeb but that has nothing to do with being a mum, so if Kim stayed in all her time in her house during pregnancy it's the woman who are now pregnant should decide for themselves not going to every single person asking should I stay in my house or not. Kim was having a joke like normal people do so people let that women breathe instead of being on back and saying negatives things all the time

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