'Sister Wives' Recap: Christine Brown Shows Her Softer Side & We Love It

the white stripesThis week marked the second half of the grand RV adventure for the Brown family. They reached their destination, Missouri, and the biblical polygamist family that they were so eager to meet. Well, most of them were eager. Christine Brown -- ever the voice of reason -- was slightly concerned. I love how straightforward and blunt she is. She basically kept saying, "WHAT IF THEY'RE WEIRD?" Which to me seemed like a perfectly valid (albeit hilarious) thing to keep stressing out about. 

But that wasn't the case. Although the two families approach their polygamy from different religious backgrounds, they are fundamentally the same -- they just want to be allowed to live and love as a family. Christine, the toughest nut to crack in the Brown family when it came to meeting these outsiders, just utterly melted when she spoke to Abigail, one of the little girls from Missouri. 

What started off as polite conversation became so much more -- to both Christine and Abigail. Um, can we talk about how poised this young girl is?! It blew my mind. Christine wanted to know how they knew where to look for the eggs the chicken laid. Abigail explained that it's actually quite easy, because the chickens tend to follow the rooster around from place to place. Christine jokingly said that this sounded a lot like polygamy. 

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That's when things got painfully earnest. Abigail talked about her own experience of having to keep her family secret or risk being mocked or even worse. It was like someone slapped Christine in the face. Abigail's own stories reminded Christine of her own childhood. The two of them really connected, and Abigail's circumspect and kind view of people totally convinced Christine that her parents were excellent people. Isn't it crazy how much you can learn about people from their kids?

Were you surprised at how nervous the Browns were for this meeting?


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pooh2... pooh2you1985

Nope cause I would not have gone just ewwww.

Christopher Conrad Nystrom

I have met the Richard family on a several occasions and they are indeed excellent people. Thank you for your kind review of the show.

Natasha Aiken

That was an amazing episode, full of love and warmth. :)

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