Jessica Alba Wears Tiny Bikini on Vacation With Husband & Kids (PHOTO)

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Calling all moms: it is totally possible to still be the hottest thing on the beach this summer. Jessica Alba can do it  -- while raising two little girls and running a thriving business, remember. And here's the best part -- the actress hates exercising. 

Now there's a girl after our own hearts.

Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, were spotted vacationing in Mexico this week and all anyone can talk about is how insanely hot the mommy looks in her bikini. But here's what really great about the 33-year-old star: she seems HEALTHY.

Here's Jessica after she went snorkeling with daughter, Honor:


This photo of the actress kicks butt for so many reasons: she's doing something fun and active -- despite how she recently complained about hating squats and being really "bad" at doing push-ups. Obviously, she pushes herself to work out anyway, and it's refreshing and encouraging to hear about another mom who isn't all glowy about exercise but still commits to living a healthy lifestyle because it's the best thing she can do for herself.

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Another reason this photo is great: Jessica proves there is absolutely NO expiration date on when moms have to stop wearing two-pieces. I know far too many beautiful mommies who feel like they have to don one-piece suits because bikinis are inappropriate. Says who?! Jessica looks confident and gorgeous in her bikini and we hope other moms take a cue from the actress and feel as free to do so this summer.

Are you a mom who wears a bikini or do you think moms should stick to one-piece swimsuits?

Images via Jessica Alba/Instagram, Splash News/Corbis




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Jeana... JeanaJaybird

Does anybody else want to choke this broad out!!! Hahaha just kidding ;). What an amazing body!

craze... crazeknot

Well I think she looks amazing & healthy !!! There's allot of people out there that are " wishing they can ook like her.

imult... imultracool

Lady wears bikini at beach. Holy fuck stop the presses! We gotta get this shit out there!!

Runmu... RunmumRun

@imultracool~ I was thinking the same thing. Soooooo tired of people idolizing mothers who look great after having kids. Im in better shape now than i was 3 kids ago. 

Leon Walls

I agree she looks amazing, but I took the trouble to check her bikini pics out and all I get is 1 faraway shot? What a RIP OFF!!!

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