Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Celebrate Their 5 Year Anniversary With Unexpected Guest (PHOTO)

channing tatum jenna dewanThere isn't much not to love about this couple -- Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are ridiculously cute and seem to always be beaming with happiness. I just love love. Channing is one of those Hollywood heartthrobs who loves his wife and isn't afraid to express it. I hope they last forever and ever. They are celebrating five years of being married and when it comes to celebrities, we all know that's quite a milestone. Heck, it is for anyone as the first five are the hardest.

For their five year anniversary Channing and Jenna didn't exactly celebrate alone. Some may think this guest is a bit unexpected, but I think it's just about the sweetest thing and shows how devoted this couple is ....

They celebrated with their 12-month-old daughter Everly!

Channing wrote:

Another year of love and light..couldn't ask for anything more. Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes!

Some of us get a sitter but the Tatums celebrate all together. How sweet. See? No divorce is happening her. Let's just squash all those rumors right now. Channing's secret to making love last? Strong communication and brutal honesty. 

Let's also discuss Channing hot new hair -- shaved and sexy. I love the way his daughter is reaching out to her dad. This is family. This is what it means to celebrate five years of marriage when you have a child together. This is love. 

Did you think Channing and Jenna were heading toward divorce? What do you think is the secret to making love last?

Image via Channing Tatum/Instagram

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Cynthia Richardson

I think they are such a good looking couple, but it's just sad, when rumors start like this, shows that people are insecure with themselves, so they make rumors up, why is it so hard to let couple's that are happy be?? So come on y'all be happy for all the happy Couples, celebrities or not!!

MileyWHO MileyWHO

They are perfect together. And, he has the sweetest, kindest face I've ever seen.

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