Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Celebrate Her 42nd Birthday on Cute Date (PHOTO)

If you ever have a day when you feel old or tired -- when you question your hotness and wish you were still 20 -- stop what you're doing immediately and check out this photo of Sofia Vergara celebrating her 42nd birthday with hot-as-hell new boyfriend Joe Manganiello.

Wait. Isn't the Modern Family actress supposed to be at home sobbing into a pint of ice cream because she has officially reached middle age -- as if that term even means anything any more? Sofia obviously didn't get that memo because the woman looks hotter than ever and is proof that women in their forties can not only continue to have amazingly hot love lives -- but, YES, can actually ENJOY their birthday celebrations and not dread them. Whoo hoo!


For anyone who hasn't heard the news, Sofia has recently joined forces with the True Blood actor and the two now threaten to burn down every place they visit with the combined force of their scorching-hot hotness. Even though their relationship is new, they're obviously taking it seriously if Joe is celebrating Sofia's birthday, along with the actress' niece, at Nobu Malibu restaurant.

Here they are enjoying birthday cocktails and a delish-looking chocolate cake:

Oh my ... check out how comfy Joe and Sofia look with their arms draped all over one another. I just died a little. They are seriously the most beautiful couple in the world.

And it's obvious that Sofia doesn't give a flip about turning 42. If anything, she looks positively thrilled about it. And who wouldn't be with a date like that and, more importantly, a super successful career as the star of a TV show that is up for Best Comedy at this year's Emmy Awards?

Age ain't nothing but a number. Right, Sofia?

Do you dread growing older or, like Sofia, are you embracing it?


Image via sofiavergara/Instagram, cdvergara/Instagram


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