Kim Kardashian Gives Pregnant Women Horrible Advice

We all know Kim Kardashian did NOT enjoy pregnancy. She gained about 60 pounds and pretty much compares the challenge of shedding her post-pregnancy weight to training to climb Mount Kiliminjaro. Girlfriend suffered. We get it.

But Kim is taking her anti-pregnancy stance to an extreme. Despite the fact that Kourtney is pregnant with baby number 3 and is being spotted all over the Hamptons looking fierce, Kim has some advice for expecting women everywhere: and it isn't something her sister would want to hear.

The 33-year-old told Elle magazine that she recommends hiding out for a year and having absolutely no pregnancy style. She went on to say that if you can, hide. Just lock yourself in your house and never come out.

Obviously, her words are tongue in cheek and kind of funny, considering how often Kim was spotted out and about while pregnant with North. She also didn't shy away from wearing extremely trendy -- even sexy -- clothing and she paid the price for it in tabloids, many of which criticized her for gaining weight.

While I can understand how her negative pregnant experience as someone in the public eye left a really bad taste in her mouth, I wish, wish, wish Kim could take a different approach and give the middle finger to all of those awful people who ridiculed her body. Instead of advising women to stay indoors and "wear a huge blanket," she should let women know they neeedn't feel bullied by others and shouldn't feel ashamed of their bodies during those 9 months.

If anything, Kourtney is living proof that pregnancy can be gorgeous.

What do you think of Kim's advice to pregnant women? Did you keep up with your style while pregnant or did you want to hide away?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar krystian

She's fucking stupid

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Maybe she shouldn't have gained all that weight and she would look as good as her sister does. I gained 50 lbs with my first and while I never felt fat while pregnant it did take a long time for it to come off. But I learned with my 2nd and only gained 19 and it was gone by the time I left the hospital. Not all women gain a ton of weight and look bad and kim needs to keep her jealous mouth shut. At least it looks like she will never get pregnant again.

nonmember avatar linbri

Damn truth what is your deal? If Kim Kardashian had dressed for the body she had while pregnant she would've looked fine. Instead she wore clothes that did not flatter her at all. But honestly truth whoever you are u seem to take this a little to personally. Chill the hell out.

nonmember avatar krystian


Guess what???

This is her fault, she didn't want any judgement, she shouldn't have made a sex tape and leaked it to the public, or gotten into the media.

mamal... mamalusbear

Every woman is the end she has a beautiful baby and she looks fabulous.

iicar... iicarmerin

I am pregnant for the third time and I feel like hiding in my house sometimes. It seems like too much effort some days to try and look cute, but I have a life and other kids to take care of so I can't hide out. I'm sure she was joking, but I get how she feels. Everyone carries baby weight different and everyone gains weight differently, everyone feels differently about being pregnant. We shouldn't be judging each other for how much weight is gained or for how others look when pregnant, being pregnant is not always easy (morning sickness, lack of sleep, heartburn, exhaustion etc.).

Lw66.6 Lw66.6

I don't see why people even give this girl any credit at all...did everyone forget how she became famous in the first place?!?..after that tape came out..Kim and her whole family lost ALL respect....

Debbie Calvello

seriously, that ass can't hide from anyone or anything, FUR HAG. who cares about what you think anyway…

nonmember avatar smartone

She needs to be worried about her daughter instead of making dumb comments to the press. She is not a mother yet. she is so worried about her looks and fashion. Get a life….

Geraldyne Dickerson

That's only her opinion; not anyone else's!!! She's not a mother in my book----she needs to put the needs of her child instead of being an attention monger!!!

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